Aug 27, 2022
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The cat gave birth to kittens on the lap of the owner

cat on owner's lapReturning home, Ellen Franzen saw that her pregnant cat was giving birth, and the first kitten had already been born.

cat on owner's lap

The pet was very happy that during the further process she would no longer be alone, and immediately crawled into the lap of an 18-year-old resident of Andijk (Netherlands).

cat on owner's lap

Ellen was not very comfortable with the realization that the pet was giving birth on her lap, but she had to come to terms. As soon as the girl tried to shift the cat onto a pile of towels, she began to scream. So all the kittens were born safely on the knees of the owner. But now Ellen has a reason for good memories of the amazing connection that arose with her beloved cat.

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