Oct 23, 2021
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The case of language patrols in Kazakhstan is developing

“For a true patriot of Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan is Omsk, Tomsk, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Altai” …

No sooner had the scandal with the organizer of the new Russophobic initiative Kuat Akhmetov died down when his followers took to the streets of the republic’s cities.

A popular blogger from Kokshetau, Adilzhan Abdugali, with a million subscribers in Russian, says that more and more volunteers are joining the language patrols. “Go to the institution, ask in Kazakh, demand in Kazakh, they refuse – turn around. That is, in those organizations where you cannot be served in the state language of Kazakhstan, there is no need to buy anything, no need to go there. Record such short videos, start from the doorway ”, – the blogger instructs his associates.

Adilzhan Abdugali calls on not only to eradicate communication in Kazakhstan in Russian. He wants so much more. Kazakhs, he says, should look for friends and like-minded people among the Buryats, Yakuts, Tuvans and residents of the North Caucasus, bringing the disintegration of Russia closer. “This will allow to discourage the Chinese dragon from Kazakhstan, which, after the collapse of Russia, will take away its ancestral territories in the Far East.”… Japan will take the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin.

“For a true patriot of Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan is Omsk, Tomsk, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Altai, which are now temporarily part of the Russian Federation”, – a popular blogger broadcasts.

Ridiculous and funny side by side. Abdugali preaches that “Kazakh language is the first language that people spoke 10 thousand years ago”… For the title of the most ancient civilization in the history of mankind, according to Abdugali, Kazakhstan will compete with Ukraine. “Kazakhstan is the second Ukraine, I think it is even more dangerous [для России]than the first, because … aggravation of relations [Казахстана и России] can easily cut Russia in two ”. Abdugali calls for the creation of a nationalist International, to unite with nationalists from the Caucasian republics and the Turkic-speaking national organizations of the Russian Federation.

And there are growing suspicions that the freedom of propaganda enjoyed by Kuat Akhmetov, Aldijan Abdugali and the like is part of Kazakhstan’s state policy.

Russian political scientist Maxim Vilisov writes: “Nationalist sentiments are directly or indirectly supported by the political elite of Kazakhstan … The goal is, on the one hand, to demonstrate certain threats against Russia … On the other hand, nationalism is a way to mobilize certain social groups or even provoke them to create artificial tension.”

The activities of the Kazakh authorities lead to the ousting of the Russian language from the multinational state. Derusification has become a direct continuation of decommunization started in Kazakhstan several years ago. Cities and streets were renamed, Russian names were replaced by Kazakh ones. In October 2017, a presidential decree approved a project for the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet.

According to state program “For the implementation of the language policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “in order to develop the state language, it is planned to increase the share of participants in written communication using the Latin alphabet of the Kazakh language to 20% in 2022, to 30% in 2023, to 50% in 2024 “… In 2022, the transition of the office work of state bodies, institutions and national companies, as well as other organizations to the Latin alphabet will begin. It is planned to complete this transition in 2025.

The parliament of Kazakhstan decided that there is still too much Russian in the republic. The Mazhilis (lower house of parliament) adopted the law “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Visual Information”, according to which the Kazakh language must be used in visual information (signs, price tags, menus, signs). The use of the Russian language in visual information for the private sector is permissible only “if necessary” stated Berik Abdygaliuly, member of the Committee for Social and Cultural Development of the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan.

We repeat: decommunization and de-Russification in Kazakhstan feed and strengthen each other. The republic has a State Commission for the complete rehabilitation of victims of political repression, created by the decree of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev. Member of this commission Berik Abdygaliuly teaches: “Kazakhstan became independent for a reason, after the painless liquidation of the USSR … The Kazakh people fought for independence, making sacrifices. And this struggle was waged with the real invaders, both in the tsarist and in the communist periods “

Russians are considered the invaders. Any Russians, both before and after the 1917 revolution. An example is the work on the rehabilitation of the soldiers of the Turkestan Legion, which we have already written about.

The Turkestan legion, formed by the Hitlerite command, was one of the eastern legions of the Wehrmacht. It was created from traitors – representatives of the Turkic peoples (Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpaks, Uighurs, Tatars, etc.). In 1943, part of the units of the Turkestan Legion was included in the SS troops. At the beginning of 1944, the 1st East Muslim SS regiment was created, on the basis of which the East Turkic SS unit was formed. In the order the command of the 16th motorized division of the Wehrmacht on January 7, 1943, the merits of the 450, 782 and 811th “Turkestan” battalions, which won the “honorary right to wear the German uniform”, were noted. Ideologist of the Turkestan Legion, Nazi Mustafa Shokay in Kazakhstan delivered a monument, films are being made about it. Shokai is called a fighter for the unity and independence of Turkestan.

Kazakhstani parliamentarian Berik Abdygaliuly looks at the military epic of Hitler’s henchmen simply: “They killed the Reds,” this is enough to justify them.

In August, the former vice-president of the Turkic Academy Askar Umarov, coordinator of the Turkic Information Integration Mission initiative, whose goal is to completely break with the information space of the northern neighbor “. Umarov is known for his insulting remarks about Russians: “Do not forget that you are an imposed diaspora here, not autochthons, and say thank you that … no one drives you as colonialists.”

In Umarov’s speculation, he has already dismembered the Russian Federation. When in 2017 he was appointed general director of Kazinform, a map of the state appeared on the website of this state agency Kazakhstan, which included territories belonging to Russia, China and Uzbekistan. Boundaries Kazakhstan along Umarov pass through the territory of the Omsk and Orenburg regions of Russia, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the PRC, the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan.

Official condemnation of “cave nationalism” in Kazakhstan is just words. In fact, the ranks of participants in language patrols are expanding, the number of those dreaming of Great Turan is multiplying. There is no obstacle to this at the state level.

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