Aug 3, 2022
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The car, left unattended for several months, is overgrown with mold

car covered in moldAnita Birges, an expert in cleanliness and order, would never have thought that a mold-related nightmare could happen in her life.

car covered in mold

A resident of Sydney (Australia), who knows how to deal with mold in the house, was not ready for what her husband’s old car turned into. The car was intended for Anita’s daughter, who will soon get a driver’s license, and therefore sat unattended in the heat for several months.

car covered in mold

Now, looking into the car, Anita and her husband were horrified – they simply did not expect such a hotbed of mold covering the steering wheel, seats and rugs.

car covered in mold

Moreover, our heroine admitted that with all her knowledge and skills, she has no idea how to deal with such mold. Therefore, the lady decided not to philosophize and turned to specialists who are much more aware of how to remove mold from a car – not only unsightly, but also potentially hazardous to health.

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