Aug 9, 2022
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The car did not hit the child thanks to the excellent reaction of the father

the car did not hit the childThis resident of Sao Feliz do Xingo (Brazil) was able to show excellent reaction speed in order to save his child.

the car did not hit the child

The kid was sitting on a parked motorcycle, supported by his dad, but the peaceful scene was interrupted at the moment when the man noticed that a white car was rushing right at them. It took only a fraction of a second for the father to grab the child from the motorcycle, otherwise everything could have ended very badly, as the motorcycle was hit by a car.

the car did not hit the child

Despite the fact that the incident looked frightening, no one was hurt (except for the motorcycle). The baby’s father, of course, was quite angry, but later he and the driver agreed on compensation for damage, and everything went without a serious scandal.

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