Sep 20, 2022
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The captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the Russian heavenly punishment: “I have not seen anything like this before.” But the berries are ahead

In the photo: the combat work of the crews of attack helicopters Ka-52

In the photo: the combat work of the crews of the Ka-52 attack helicopters (Photo: Press Service of the Russian Ministry of Defense / TASS)

Talker of the Air Force of Ukraine Yuri Ignat at his regular briefing, he complained to the hulks about our combat aviation. In particular, he said: “Russia is bombarding Ukraine with cruise missiles of various types from long-range and strategic aircraft. Also in the sky are A-50 early warning aircraft and Il-22 repeater aircraft.

In addition, according to the talker, about 430 Russian aircraft and 340 helicopters are based near the Nenka at 40 airfields. During the day, the Russians make about 200 sorties, and since February 24, more than 38 thousand sorties of the Russian Aerospace Forces have been recorded.

“In fact, Ignat said that the Russians had not beaten us properly yet. Judging by the amount of air equipment, Moscow can easily increase the number of bombing and missile strikes by at least five times,” the experts scribble in their telegram community. They believe that our aviation did not use even a tenth of its power in the special operation, they say, preferring to work “with minimal risk.”

Perhaps this is due to the “Stingers”, which the “independence defenders” now have in bulk. There is some truth in these statements, however, everything is not as simple as it seems.

If we return to pre-war analytics, including American, we can understand how erroneous numerous forecasts turned out to be. So, Polish expert Andre Kaczmarczyk, summing up the assessments of Western think tanks, in early February 2022 he said: “If the conflict breaks out, then Moscow will try to repeat Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, which have become synonymous with the catastrophic defeat of the Ukrainian army in 2014-2015, with the help of Donbass, in order to legally consolidate security and autonomy LNR/DNR”.

And in this case, according to Kachmarchik, the Russian “proxy forces” will be helped by hordes of Russian aircraft, which will drop millions of bombs on the heads of the “independence defenders”. One can cite hundreds of similar pre-war analyzes, in which it was stated that the Russian Aerospace Forces would raze the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the ground. It is possible that this was done intentionally.

By the way, literally on the eve of the special operation, Svobodnaya Pressa issued a warning, which turned out to be true on the whole: “The Armed Forces of 2014 are losing heavily to the Armed Forces of 2022, … The Armed Forces of Ukraine are imprisoned for artillery and sniper attacks using drones. This is what she was taught by NATO instructors for eight whole years … “.

As you can see, even then there was no smell of hatred, although, we do not hide, there was hope for a quick defeat of the Bandera army by the forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces. This assessment was consistent with the conclusions of the world expert community. The fact is that not only in the “Americas and Europe”, but also here, in Russia, there was a consensus that NATO would not become a supporter of the conflict because of the threat of sliding into a nuclear war.

However, judging by the course of events, Biden risked getting involved in the conflict on the side of the Nenka, believing that Putin would not press the red button if American troops did not directly collide with Russian soldiers.

Now, looking back, we can safely say that the United States deliberately pushed Ukraine into a military conflict with Russia, promoting the so-called “Kosovo scenario for solving the problem of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.” The White House probably understood that the Kremlin would respond with a powerful blow. Therefore, Biden and Co. developed a plan that can be called “Frog in Boiling Water.”

Like, if you immediately start with NATO complicity, then the Third World War will indeed begin. And if you gradually raise the stakes, then the Russian Federation will have the feeling that the Russian troops will cope with the new unpleasant, but small challenges.

The situation has reached the point that NATO is now providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the most valuable asset – target designation, including for our aircraft. This has already been written about many times, but it makes sense to repeat it: the anti-aircraft gunners actually do not turn on their radars, but aim missiles at the coordinates of American AWACS operators loitering in Poland and Romania.

By the way, there is a widespread opinion in Nenko (not without common sense) that there is a certain agreement on the Russian-American rules of this conflict. Moscow does not use tactical nuclear weapons, and Washington leaves “holes” in the sanctions, i.e. allows China and India to buy Russian energy resources. Hence the greyhound Zelensky.

It is no coincidence that Biden brushed aside the question, what if Insert still use the atomic baton. The old man from the White House muttered, “Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.” Like, let everything go on as usual without a nuclear weapon, and the victory will go to the one who has not only the best soldiers, but also an effective weapon.

Mainstream American media such as the New York Times, CBS News, Fox TV, US Public Radio and others write about this, covering the course of the military campaign in detail. According to articles in the overseas press, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been conducting a counteroffensive in the south for several weeks, trying to wear down the Russians and force them to retreat. But unlike in the northeast, where Russian positions were scattered, in the south, the Russian Armed Forces were preparing for the expected offensive of Ukraine and strengthened their positions.

“Despite the growing pressure, there was no sign of any massive withdrawal of Russian troops, and Russian troops continued to attack Ukrainian positions,” writes, for example, NYT. “But as the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues into its third week, the Russian army is increasingly deploying new and, according to Ukrainian officers, frighteningly effective weapons.”

In particular, the captain of the Armed Forces Danchenko told a New York Times interviewer that he had witnessed a self-propelled howitzer strike. According to him, the drone swept past and destroyed the gun: “I have not seen anything like this before.” We are talking about the Geran-2 kamikaze drone with 36 kg of explosives (according to Pentagon publications).

Now the US media, citing American intelligence, began to write in chorus that Moscow bought two unmanned systems from Iran (probably referring to technology) for its own production, including the now famous Shahed-136. Probably, the second type of UAV belongs to the strike, that is, it can attack with guided missiles.

Moreover, the Russian hunting for coming out artillery, including the HIMARS MLRS, with the help of “frighteningly effective weapons”, is not the main task of the new type of Russian unmanned aviation troops today. Yankee experts, relying on insiders from the US Army Intelligence Agency, believe that the number 1 target for Geranium-2 will be independent air defense launchers scattered throughout the country. Say, there are still many of them, which prevents the full use of 800 aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In other words, NATO’s complicity, primarily in target designation of our Su and MiGs, is now considered the main obstacle to the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yes, the intervention of the United States on the side of the Bandera army, of course, made its own adjustments to the course of the conflict. But even the most cunning American nut is sure to have a Russian bolt.

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