May 19, 2020
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The Cabinet of Ministers said when the entire sphere of culture will be able to work: a possible date has been named

The entire cultural sphere can earn at the last stage of lifting quarantine restrictions, the Cabinet / UNIAN

Acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy Svetlana Fomenko said that the Cabinet of Ministers plans to allow the entire cultural sector to work at the last stage of lifting quarantine restrictions imposed due to coronavirus .

The preliminary date that the authorities are considering is July 1, the official said in a comment to Hromadske.

According to the interlocutor, after concert halls and theaters allowed to work, they can be filled at 30%. Fomenko added that representatives of the cultural sphere call such a filling unprofitable. In concert halls of any form of ownership, first of all, those requirements that are approved by the Ministry of Health and are dictated by doctors by their protocols must be met, that is, at the first stage it is possible to fill in 30% ", - the member of the Cabinet shared.

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