Jul 16, 2020
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The bull chased the truck, uvozyaschy his best friend

the bull chased the truckThe scene, captured on video in Madurai (India) touched the hearts of many viewers, considering its very sad spectacle.

the bull chased the truck

We see the truck, which was chased by a bull, but not aggression was the cause of this behavior. Turns out the car took away the cow from which the calf grew up together and became close friends. But there came a tragic day when a friend was sold, and the animal ran behind the truck about one kilometer.

the bull chased the truck

However, all were very pleased to learn that the sad story had a happy ending. The video caught the eye of the son of the Deputy Minister of the state, who immediately took action and told him to cancel the transaction, to the cow and the bull were able to reunite and live together.

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