Jun 21, 2021
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The Brussels Times: European values ​​are not only EU flags

“What better way for people living in such a country than to leave it while it is still possible?”

“Recently, a rather strange political trend has been observed in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Flags of the European Union are displayed on many government buildings and public institutions under the pretext of expediting the signing of the Association Agreement and the visa-free regime, which has already entered into force. Raising the flag of the European Union is not a problem, but it seems that they do not understand in Kiev – a flag hung will not be able to bring European integration closer. Moreover, almost all unpopular changes in the life of Ukrainians, undertaken by the government, are presented in the local media as “a necessary evil”, “demanded by the West – the European Parliament, the World Bank and the IMF”

– reports the Belgian newspaper Brussels Times

The Brussels Times: European values ​​are not only EU flags

The publication notes that the “European fever” in Ukraine continues, being a good cover for the government, which knows perfectly well: Ukraine in the near future will not be able to become a member of the European Union, but continues to blackmail its people with questions of EU membership – the substitution of concepts has become a widespread political rule in Ukraine …

And recently, strange events began to take place in this Eastern European country: the authorities began to fight against large and medium-sized businesses, tightening the tax burden, and the judicial system began to be replaced by presidential decrees. At the same time, funds allocated to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be distributed to the right and left. And all this is happening in a country in which there is a war, reminds the author of the article Anna Leonhard

But one thing remains unchanged – it was hard for foreign investors when Yanukovych and Poroshenko, it did not become easier even with Zelensky, and those few who managed to enter the Ukrainian market are ready to leave, Leonhard notes.

She recalls the case of a Canadian company WHATwhich produces clean energy and has invested over $ 65 million in Ukraine by building four solar power plants. After that, this company became the victim of a raider attack, although President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Davos solemnly promised to personally protect each investor.

“Meanwhile, the culmination of government action to impose massive restrictions on business was the tax reform that the Ukrainian parliament is preparing to adopt. If the tax law is passed, the combined taxation of businesses could be the highest in the world. This is illogical for a country that is at war and asks Germany and the United States for political, financial and economic support, as well as weapons. Do those who turn to the West for help understand this? “

– the author of the article is perplexed.

She is confident that the Ukrainian government is doing everything to weaken the country’s economy, thereby pushing further and further and so ghostly European integration, replacing it with EU flags.

Meanwhile, Europe is closely watching everything that happens in Ukraine, although they would prefer to see some real steps to decriminalize both society and officials. But so far they see only the prospect of an increase in unemployment and an influx of unskilled labor in the EU, which is already causing concern.

“Ukrainians are not used to waiting for a“ bright future ”for decades. Representatives of the middle and older generation have been waiting for communism, and today they are ready to wait for the EU membership. With such laws adopted by Kiev, at least another 70 years may pass. Those who hang the EU flags on the state institutions of Ukraine say: “Another year or two, and we will live happily.” And what could be better for people living in such a country than to leave it while it is still possible? “

– Brussels gives practical advice to Ukrainians.

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