Apr 30, 2022
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The bridesmaid decided to come to the wedding with a companion whom the newlyweds do not want to see

bridesmaid and her companionThe woman, who is now preparing for the wedding, said that she had to “fire” the main bridesmaid.

bridesmaid and her companion

Such an honorary position is not only the right to flaunt in a beautiful outfit and be one of the important figures at the holiday. These are also duties, because the bridesmaid needs to help the bride solve organizational issues. However, the lady not only ignored her duty, continually letting her bride down, but finally made a strange request. The fact is that a friend is dating a man with whom the bride used to have a relationship. Now the friend wants this man to become her companion at the celebration. Of course, the bride does not want to see her ex at her wedding, and her fiance spoke categorically on this topic, saying that there should not be any memories of a past life at the holiday. When our heroine announced such a decision to her friend, she screamed so much that she was not loved and appreciated. The conclusion was clear – you need to get rid of such a girlfriend, which the bride did by blocking all the woman’s contacts.

bridesmaid and her companion

True, later she thought about the wisdom of her decision, and therefore turned to social media users for advice. Those are sure that our heroine is one hundred percent right. Asking to bring the bride’s ex-boyfriend with you to the wedding is simply inappropriate. Surely it is a pity to part with a friend with whom a lot of emotions and memories are associated, but if the relationship becomes toxic, they must be stopped without any doubts and torments.

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