Jun 18, 2022
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The bride was upset by her friends, who changed their plans before the wedding

friends have changed plansAlthough weddings are supposed to be events that bring only joy, sometimes drama happens at such celebrations.

friends have changed plans

The heroine of this story will get married in a few days, but she already foresees the drama – and all because of her friends. One lady will not be able to attend because she signed up for some kind of medical procedure without even notifying the bride. The second best friend said that she plans to have a child, and therefore will not drink alcohol. The bride, offended and upset, rushed to complain about life on social networks.

friends have changed plans

However, the situation was considered too controversial to be treated unambiguously and labeled with the right and wrong of the participants.

friends have changed plans

For example, the bride’s claims to a non-drinking friend were considered unfounded. But a woman who made an appointment with a doctor instead of a prearranged wedding event is worthy of a certain censure. Although this also depends on what kind of medical procedure the stranger is going to have – what if it cannot be postponed? One thing is clear – people advise the bride to calm down, forget insults and get married, trying to enjoy every minute of her holiday.

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