Sep 13, 2022
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The bride was upset because the wedding guest looked too attractive

attractive wedding guestOf course, every bride wants to be the center of attention at her wedding. And any of the guests who “pull the blanket over themselves” will not cause positive emotions in their address.

attractive wedding guest

But in the case of this bride, everything is not so clear. On the day of the wedding, she was terribly upset and almost cried because of the groom’s sister, whose name is Tiffany. The lady is very attractive, plus she also dressed up for the holiday. Tiffany’s dress fully complied with the wedding dress code, but she looked so stunning in it that everyone noticed her, and not the poor bride. The young spouses were constantly approached by male guests who were interested in who this beautiful lady was, whether she was lonely, and the like. Some time later, the resentful young wife was dining with her husband’s family and learned that Tiffany had become engaged. Our heroine said that she would dress in white for the wedding of her husband’s sister in order to outshine the bride, since Tiffany outshone her. But Tiffany reacted quite calmly, declaring that the lady can dress as she pleases. Such equanimity and self-confidence finally finished off the heroine of this story, and she uttered harsh words to Tiffany in the presence of her husband’s relatives. Now the husband insists that the wife should apologize, but of course she does not want to.

attractive wedding guest

However, social media users who have learned about the problems of our heroine also believe that an apology is necessary. Yes, the feelings of the bride were quite understandable. Yes, the situation at the wedding was extremely painful for the poor woman. But she has to come to terms with the fact that the attractive Tiffany is completely not to blame for this, no matter how hard it is to admit such a thing.

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