Oct 15, 2020
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The bride turned mom’s wedding dress into lingerie for the wedding night

Mom's altered dressA resident of the United States, whose name is not called, is preparing to marry and really wants to surprise her husband on their wedding night.

Mom's altered dress

For this, an active woman stocked up with a white slip and a lace robe. And all would be fine, but the underwear for the gala night is not made of anything, but of the wedding dress of the mother of our heroine.

Mom's altered dress

Of course, such a design decision caused a lot of complaints from Internet users, to whom the bride boasted of her idea. Some ladies said that it was their lifelong dream that their daughter would defile her mother's wedding dress a few years later, turning it into lingerie. Men, on the other hand, jokingly assure that there is nothing sexier than a young wife, dressed on her wedding night in the outfit of her beloved mother-in-law. It seems that no one likes the entrepreneurial spirit of the heroine of this story.

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