Sep 24, 2020
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The bride offered her friend money for giving up too beautiful dress

guest in too pretty dressLike many other brides, the heroine of this story wants all eyes on the holiday to be on her.

guest in too pretty dress

In a few months, the woman will get married, and she was very embarrassed by the dress that one of her friends would wear to the celebration.

guest in too pretty dress

Yes, it is off-white and decorated with floral patterns, but the neckline and train look so impressive that they will simply overshadow the bride's outfit. The stranger did not find understanding even in her own family. So, for example, her mother is sure that her daughter is simply picking on her friend. It got to the point that the bride offered the guest monetary compensation for the fact that she would replace the dress with another model, more modest.

guest in too pretty dress

If the heroine's relatives did not understand her, then the majority of Internet users completely agree with her. The neckline and train directly scream that the woman in the dress, although not a bride, desperately wants to be one. In addition, the future wife was advised to forget about any financial compensation for her friend. After all, she is the main one at the holiday, and has the right to make some adjustments to the images of the guests.

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