Oct 16, 2021
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The bride demanded a too expensive gift from her sister

too expensive a gift for the brideA resident of Great Britain, who was going to soon attend her sister’s wedding, ended up quarreling with a relative.

too expensive a gift for the bride

The thing is that our heroine received a message from the bride, who asked for a gaming computer for 3500 pounds as a wedding present. A little taken aback by such a request, the sister diplomatically stated that she would “think”, but this did not suit the bride. She stressed that the computer is the only gift that is generally considered, and other options are unacceptable. Then the heroine of this story threatened that she would not go to the wedding at all, but her sister, oddly enough, completely agreed with such a threat and added that without a computer, a relative might indeed not come to the holiday. Later, the parents of both sisters joined in settling the quarrel, who tried to prove to the bride that she was behaving like a child, and to inspire the second daughter with the idea that she should choose a gift of her liking and still go to the wedding so as not to miss such an important family moment.

too expensive a gift for the bride

Our heroine does not know what to do, but the users of social networks, to whom she turned for advice, did not help much either. Everyone, of course, agrees that the bride has gone too far, but whether it is worth going or not going to the wedding is a big question.

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