Nov 25, 2022
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The boyfriend is sure that the girl who won the lottery should buy him gifts

lottery winnings and giftsThe heroine of this story won the lottery some time ago. She did not disclose the amount, but there is a lot of money. This is exactly the kind of win that can change lives.

lottery winnings and gifts

The lady acted very wisely and immediately hired a financial consultant to competently dispose of unexpected wealth. But then it turned out that the boyfriend of our heroine had other plans for money. The couple has been dating for less than a year and does not even live together, but the enterprising man has already compiled a whole list of gifts that the wealthy girl should buy him. In the first place there is a new car. And the gentleman was extremely unpleasant to know that he would not receive any gifts. Now he calls the girl a miser and, in addition, rasped about her winnings to all his friends. In addition to the difficulties with her boyfriend, the unfortunate newly-made rich woman suffers from worsening relationships with friends who were sure that now she would start sponsoring all the parties.

lottery winnings and gifts

Social media users sympathized with the lady and without any doubt stated that such a person should be abandoned. He’s not even worthy of a pack of gum, let alone a new car.

A girl who often screams at her boyfriend will receive a gift that is not as expensive as expected

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