Aug 15, 2022
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The boy who was bitten by the snake bit her back

the boy bit the snakeThis little resident of Bingol (Turkey) was clearly not inclined to forgive the offenses inflicted on him.

the boy bit the snake

While in the garden, a two-year-old boy found a snake with which he decided to play. Of course, the reptile did not appreciate such an idea and bit the baby, after which the vengeful child also bit the offending snake. A neighbor witnessed a strange scene, who at first was horrified when she saw a child with a snake in her mouth, and then killed the reptile, called the doctors and reported the incident to the boy’s father.

the boy bit the snake

The little patient was treated on the spot and then taken to the hospital for further treatment. Fortunately, close contact with the snake did not have serious consequences – the child feels well and will soon be discharged.

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