Apr 2, 2021
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The boy who helped the electricians got a reward from them

the boy helped the electriciansThe young resident of Great Britain was very excited when his mother Laura-Nicole Anderson called the electricians to the house.

the boy helped the electricians

Little Theo was eager to help the masters, and they treated the child very patiently – they did not chase him away and answered all important questions. But the most interesting was yet to come. Soon Laura-Nicole received an envelope addressed to her son. There were 15 pounds and a payroll detailing what the young assistant should receive this money for: measuring objects, counting the number of outlets, providing the masters with delicious cookies and monitoring the quality of work (that is, numerous questions).

the boy helped the electricians

Of course, the child was delighted with the salary and with the realization that he really helped the electricians to do serious work. And Internet users who have learned about this story praise strangers who understand perfectly well that young children love to help adults, and the main thing is not to push them away.

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