Jan 14, 2022
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The boy does laundry for a long time, because he combines it with dancing

the boy is doing laundry for a long timeResidents of Hicksville (New York, USA) are well aware that if their son starts doing laundry, then this is for a long time.

the boy is doing laundry for a long time

Although the boy only needs to put the clothes in the washing machine, and then take the washed things out of it, the process is somehow suspiciously delayed, and the son disappears from view. To understand what the secret is, the older relatives engaged in espionage.

the boy is doing laundry for a long time

It turned out that the boy is not averse to combining business with pleasure – he not only does laundry, but also dances, and dancing obviously gives him much more pleasure. The audience, who watched the video with the young dancer, admired not only his choreographic talents, but also the fact that the boy washes his own clothes. It’s worth a lot, so it doesn’t matter how much time the child spends next to the washing machine.

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