Nov 7, 2022
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The boy bit the cobra that attacked him twice and killed the reptile

the boy bit the cobra twiceA small resident of the village of Pandrapad (India) was very frightened when he was attacked by a cobra. A poisonous reptile wrapped itself around the child’s arm and bit him.

the boy bit the cobra twice

But if the 8-year-old boy named Deepak got scared, he didn’t panic. An attempt to shake the cobra off his hand was unsuccessful, and then the child showed rare composure and bit the snake himself, twice. The boy’s counterattack turned out to be fatal for the reptile, and it released the victim’s hand, falling to the ground.

the boy bit the cobra twice

Deepak was rushed to the hospital, but there it turned out that the boy was not only brave, but also unusually lucky. The bite to which he was subjected was classified as the so-called “dry”, that is, there was no poison in it. However, the child is still not going to regret the killed cobra.

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