Oct 14, 2021
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The bourgeois refuse the Bad Boy’s patrons

The bourgeois refuse the Bad Boy's patrons

Photo: Friso Gentsch Credit: dpa / picture-alliance / TASS

7.62 and 5.56, as well as 9 mm. For the uninitiated person, these numbers do not say anything, and these are the sizes of standard NATO cartridges. It turns out that the annual deliveries of Russian cartridges to the United States exceed $ 100 million, or, if someone likes it more, more than 7.2 billion rubles. American data, our statistics on this category of exports are strictly classified.

At the end of last summer, imports of Russian ammunition for rifles, rifles and pistols jumped as much as thirty times to almost $ 28 million. In a month. On August 20, they announced the introduction of a second round of sanctions against Russia under the US Chemical and Biological Weapons Control Act. The sanctions entered into force on September 7. It seems that the Americans rushed to stock up because their authorities limited the ability to supply Russian cartridges to the American market, writes RBC. Someone bought toilet paper, and someone cartridges.

Sanctions on Russian patrons announced for a year, in connection with the alleged poisoning of an opposition politician Alexey Navalny… But they can be extended. To cancel them, the US President must first report to Congress that Russia has abandoned the use of chemical weapons and compensated for the damage to the health of Alexei Anatolyevich.

Military expert Viktor Litovkin believes that this is just unfair competition from the United States, and the disgraced politician has nothing to do with it:

“It’s just an excuse or a camouflage cover. There was something else before Navalny. It must be remembered that the Americans announced sanctions against our country back in 1949, having created the so-called Export Control Coordination Committee (Kok), which prohibited the supply of any advanced equipment, machine tools, etc., to our war-ravaged country. It was in effect until the Jackson-Vanik Amendment was introduced in 1974, restricting trade with countries that prevent emigration. And the USSR did not let Jews out.

Then everyone got freedom to leave the country and return back. Then, in 2012, they adopted the Magnitsky law, repealing the Jackson-Vanik amendment and introducing personal sanctions against those who, in their opinion, are responsible for human rights violations in Russia. So they always had a lot of reasons to restrain Russia. But all to no avail.

Despite Kokom, we were the first to launch an artificial satellite, raised the first man into Earth orbit, Yuri Gagarin and delivered a pennant with the coat of arms and the letters “USSR” to the Sea of ​​Rains on the Moon.

I do not want to say that “the more sanctions, the better.” Sanctions – slowed down our development, but we achieved our goals. The main thing is to have a clear and specific goal. So let them get mad.

“SP”: – But what about the Americans to be with the so-called civilian weapon with which you can hunt, or just shoot at the shooting range for fun?

“They even have our Kalashnikov assault rifles in the police units, or rather, the Saiga-12 self-loading rifles. They also need cartridges.

We are talking about competition, they want to produce their own patrons, to stimulate their own industry, not the Russian one. Well, what can you do, there are still many countries that will buy our cartridges, in addition to the United States. Although they will do everything possible and impossible for other countries to stop buying our products, especially those that are members of NATO.

“SP”: – Will our producers not have to export their products, which have been banned through some conditional “Belarus”? After all, the real Belarus – very successfully exported “its” seafood to Russia.

– Our factories for the production of cartridges, created in Soviet times, remain in the Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria. If they are still functioning, then you can cooperate with them. After all, they don’t pay us royalties …

What other royalties, the Czech Republic is in third place in the export of its cartridges to the United States. I would like to move at least to the second. So far, South Korea is in second place, but both of these countries have lagged far behind Russia so far. Whatever one may say, but our country was the main supplier of small arms ammunition to America. The US authorities have decided to restrict permanent imports “to the United States of both small arms and ammunition for them from Russia. This restriction will be implemented by refusing to provide American importers with new import licenses. Well, our enterprises will most likely need state support,” according to the industry.

Retired Colonel, Member of the Expert Council of the Collegium of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation Viktor Murakhovsky believes that the sanctions will hit Russian producers if it comes to practical implementation:

– The American small arms ammunition market is the largest in the world, the most capacious. The share of ammunition supplied from Russia by cartridge factories is very significant.

“SP”: – And now the factories are asking the state for help. Will you have to help or is it better to release Navalny?

“They can link their ban to any other cause, including storms on Mars. In my opinion, this has no connection in reality.

Most of our cartridge factories are privately owned. I doubt that our state is ready to support cartridge factories. While it supported banks, it supported the defense industry as a whole. Perhaps there will be no direct support for defense plants, but there may be some preferences …

It was not easy to buy Russian cartridges in America, but very simple. They had a share of about 4% of the entire US market for firearms in gun stores. If we take into account its own production of the United States, according to some sources, out of almost ten billion cartridges. Plus up to a billion a year were purchased in Russia.

Alexander Pochuev, lawyer, member of the Russian Precision Shooting Federation believes that the patron branch of the Russian industry will be on the verge of bankruptcy and its state support will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers:

– The Russian arms manufacturer and arms official are bureaucrats addicted to the state defense order and mono-export. Without “until the cock bites”, they will not change their competitive qualities for the better. Here is the “rooster” and pecked.

“SP”: – Why do you think that the industry will be provided with state support?

– Because it is a strategic industry for the defense complex. A weapon without ammunition is a piece of iron. Quality cartridge production at the national level is a matter of defense and sovereignty. Unfortunately, the Russian ammunition industry remained in the last century, massively releasing cartridges of tsarist and Soviet designs. The quality of Russian ammunition leaves much to be desired and is far from the standards of precision weapons. And this, more than 50%, was bought by 5% of the multimillion-dollar American shooting community, mostly civilian amateurs. The rest is consumed by the countries of the Third World and the Russian state order.

A small fraction of Russian ammunition is consumed by national sports shooters and hunters. Underdeveloped domestic consumption of cartridges is the second problem of the Russian cartridge market. The more frequent situations with various “shooters” who staged a massacre in public places using smooth-bore weapons are also a consequence of an irresponsible bureaucratic approach to regulating the national market for civilian weapons.

The function of the permitting system is from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and transferred to the militarized Rossguard. This entailed the destruction of the organic structure and the separation of precinct police officers from responsible participation in licensing activities and the prevention of offenses in the field of civilian weapons.

The sensational school “shooters” made me turn to the experience of the same American friends. In America, there are quite a few cases when people armed with civilian weapons suppressed illegal manifestations, including “mass shooting”.

One thing is obvious – without the development of domestic consumption of cartridges, weapons culture and the legalization of the possession of pistols by citizens (short-barreled rifled weapons), the development of the cartridge industry is impossible and not advisable.

In practical and sports target shooting, huge sections of society should be involved: first of all, the military, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, other law enforcement agencies, athletes and just amateurs. Now, the shot of military conscripts is no more than 100 rounds for the entire service life. And it takes thousands for a fighter to develop a stable shooting skill. There is no need to talk about the police, although the recent heroic act of Konstantin Kalinin, a traffic police officer from Perm, who stopped a mass murderer armed with a shotgun with a standard pistol, shows the importance of owning a weapon and not only police officers.

This is a systemic issue of national security. It is necessary to stimulate national industries where cartridges are consumed, and then internationally competitive production in the arms industry will arise. Well, in the near future, for our brother, a lawyer, there will be more work on the upcoming massive bankruptcy of cartridge factories.

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