Jan 12, 2021
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The boundless past of Olga Buzova’s beloved is open

Around the 27-year-old boyfriend of TV presenter Olga Buzova, blogger David Manukyan, there is an abyss of unpleasant rumors. The media told about its impenetrable past.

The impenetrable past of Olga Buzova's beloved is open

David Manukyan was born in the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk. From an early age he was engaged in ballroom dancing and succeeded in this business: he participated in the championships of Russia, Italy, Germany and other regions of Europe. However, having become the champion of Russia in ballroom dancing, David ended his dancing career.

According to this “Interlocutor”, while studying at the university, Manukyan began to try himself in business. Several years ago, two Siberian women filed a lawsuit against Buzova’s boyfriend. The Novosibirsk court ruling stipulates that Manukyan invested the plaintiffs’ weapons in the construction of an apartment building, showing himself to be a developer, but did not portray himself as such. The court introduced the fact of “double sales” of the same apartments, ruling to pay compensation to the heated women.

In 2017, Manukyan became a blogger, undertaking to record comic videos for his Instagram. However, there is information that the newspaper writes that he is not clean in blogging either. For example, once among his followers, Dava raffled off a car, which he started in 2015 on credit for 1.7 million rubles. At the time of the competition, the car was taken, but this did not prevent the young lady from Anapa from “winning” it.

In early January 2021, vacationers in the Maldives Buzova and Manukyan exchanged rings… The ritual passed without guests. For the lovers, a tent was introduced on the ocean shore, and they exchanged oaths under the traditional Mendelssohn’s march.

The singer hinted at the engagement with the blogger last fall, and in the rest of the time the astral couple intrigued the fans fractionally with notices of an imminent wedding.

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