Nov 2, 2021
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The body remembers everything: where the experiences are hidden

The body remembers everything: where the experiences are hidden

The body remembers everything: where the experiences are hidden

“The body remembers everything” – this is one of the laws of body-oriented psychotherapy. The body retains all the memories and emotions we have experienced. Feelings and fears that a person ignores result in health problems and if you continue to ignore them, such problems will increase more and more. Each part of the body is responsible for certain fears of a person, and depending on where the unpleasant sensations arise, it is possible to determine what the person is afraid of.

Our Consciousness does not want to recognize some feelings, so they disperse throughout the body and settle in certain places. This mechanism has been dubbed “repression” in psychology. In the Unconscious, painful experiences, thoughts and memories are repressed, including the fears of a person. To remind of themselves, they are transformed into diseases, thus, hidden feelings try to draw attention to themselves.

How to draw a personalized body map of fears?
You will need a blank sheet of paper and drawing tools (not markers and pens).

Draw your body

With your eyes closed, try to feel your body. Do you feel the tension? Are you comfortable? Do you feel warm?
As you continue to feel your body, ask yourself, “Where is fear in my body?”
Mark the places where fear lives in the picture. There may be several such areas, somewhere a person’s fear is more pronounced, somewhere less – you can express this with the help of colors.
The Body Map of Human Fears: Where Experiences Hidden

Legs. Leg pain may indicate a fear of losing stability and support. A person does not feel confident in the future.
The pelvis. Problems in the pelvic area speak of a person’s fears in the sexual sphere. This fear provokes the development of various diseases, and it also prevents women from obtaining orgasm.
Life. Discomfort in this area is due to the person’s fear for life. Maybe the situation of a threat to life was not real, but even when the danger passes for the Unconscious, it remains relevant. In this regard, it is not possible to achieve complete relaxation and feel safe.
The region of the diaphragm, including the stomach and solar plexus. Social fears have settled in this zone. A person’s fear is to be rejected by society.
Rib cage. In this zone, a person’s fear of loneliness is reflected on the fear map, a person is afraid of being rejected as a person.
Hands. Through this part of the body, a person’s fear of contact with the world is expressed. Often, people who hide this fear choose a profession where there is no need to communicate with others.
Brush problems indicate communication problems… The right hand indicates the fear of men, and the left hand indicates the fear of women.
Back. Discomfort in this area indicates that a person is afraid to appear imperfect, not meeting the expectations of others. Perfectionists often face this problem.
As for the shoulders, they symbolize responsibility and strength. Pain in this area is associated with a person’s fear of being weak or not coping with responsibility.
Neck… Frequent sore throats, tightness and perspiration haunt people who find it difficult to express their feelings. Constant tension in the neck arises from the fact that every time the feelings want to come out, the neck contracts and holds them inside.
Face… On the body chart of fears, the face symbolizes the fear of “losing face”. Such people need love and approval, so in order to please everyone they have to constantly wear masks.
Eyes… The fear of reality affects one of the main channels of perception. The person refuses to see the truth, which results in vision problems.
Emotions cannot be kept in oneself, it is secret fears that are the cause of most diseases. Having coped with your inner experiences, you can get rid of health problems

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