May 15, 2020
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“The body behaved strangely.” The pit does not exclude that in the USA it could become infected with a coronavirus

Ukrainian choreographer, judge of the project "Dancing with the Stars" Vlad Yama suggests that during the February trip to the United States, COVID was ill - 19. He said this in an interview with the Facts website.

Pit admitted that during his stay in the United States he felt unwell.

"The body was behaving quite strangely then. There was a feeling that there was a breath of cold air on a morning run," Yama said.

According to him, a dry cough lasted two weeks. “Once I was thrown into a fever, the temperature lasted exactly one hour. But neither [жены] Lily, nor [сына] Leon or the guys with whom we spoke every day had symptoms," Yama summed up.

When asked if it could be COVID - 19, Yama replied that there was such a possibility . He also noted that he did not pass the coronavirus test.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine was introduced in Ukraine 12 in March. 11 May the first stage of lifting restrictions has begun.

The second stage will be launched from 21 - 22 on May, provided that the percentage of detected cases of infection among the tested will decrease.

As of 11, 4.4 million people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide in May , over 302 thousand died, according to Johns Hopkins University of America, which tracks the spread of the disease.

As of today, the total number of cases of coronavirus infection detected in Ukraine has increased before 17 330. Died 476 Ukrainians, 4473 patients were cured.

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