Dec 29, 2020
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The bitter truth about sweet soda

The bitter truth about sweet soda

Many people know that carbonated drinks are very harmful to the body, but they don’t even know how much. Their high sugar content gives the body a quick burst of energy and euphoria. Therefore, you want to drink them again and again …

But drinking these drinks has serious consequences. Let’s take a look at how soda affects human organs.


High-sugar soda can slow the brain and affect a number of neurological processes, especially memory. Numerous studies have shown that the consumption of carbonated drinks changes the structure of more than a hundred proteins that make up the nervous tissue of the brain. Similar changes occur in neurons in Alzheimer’s disease.


A person who drinks soda every day is at three times the risk of developing heart disease. According to the authors of the study, the reason for this effect is sugar, which is found in large quantities in the drink. Continuous soda consumption affects blood pressure and heart function, and increases the risk of heart attack by 20%.


Scientists have linked chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to soda abuse.


Sugary sodas erode tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay over time. They also lower the pH of saliva and trigger bacterial proliferation and tooth decay. Diet drinks are no exception.


Soda causes bone breakdown and decreases bone density. Scientists from Germany have shown that caffeinated drinks harm the skeleton. The bones of people who often drink sugary soft drinks have a reduced content of minerals that strengthen the skeleton.

Reproductive organs

Some carbonated drinks contain bisphenol A, which is a carcinogen. It is also linked to premature puberty and infertility.

Carbonated drinks also cause obesity, diabetes, increase the likelihood of kidney failure, exacerbate bladder infections, and so on. Get rid of the bad habit of drinking soda, take care of your health.

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