Jun 24, 2022
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The birthday girl not only celebrated her 50th birthday, but also took part in a fight

fight involving the birthday girlLisa Keegan admitted that she is still a little ashamed of what happened on her 50th birthday.

fight involving the birthday girl

A resident of Colne (Lancashire, England) could not even think that in her years she would become a participant in a fight. But it happens that the holidays turn into trouble, especially when the audience is under the influence of alcoholic beverages. The birthday girl said that in this case, it all started with the fact that one guest was accused of stealing an electronic cigarette from another guest. Word for word – and the men began a brawl.

fight involving the birthday girl

Lisa tried to intervene, but in the end she herself was drawn into the fight, even receiving a few light blows. Later, the police also came to the place, called by one of the neighbors, but there was nothing special to understand. As it sometimes happens, by that time the participants in the battle had reconciled and laughed at how passions played out.

fight involving the birthday girl

And although Lisa is embarrassed because of what happened, some half-jokingly call her a legend and assure that everything was amazing. Not everyone can boast that they managed to fight at the age of 50, and even at their own birthday.

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