Jun 2, 2021
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The best way to save a marriage is to eavesdrop on your wife.

NSA again caught on wiretap of European allies

The easiest way to deal with the case of wiretapping by Americans of European allies is Angela Merkel. She studied in the GDR, where students were told the truth, and has long known that the enemy’s access to your secrets is not such a big deal. These secrets still need to be correctly understood and even more so used correctly.

Here is the history of the Second World War. Long before her, German cryptographers had invented what they thought was the perfect Enigma encryption machine. The device underwent a number of improvements and was adopted in all branches of the German troops, including the Kriegsmarine. The Germans used the “Enigma” to the fullest in preparation for the outbreak of war and during hostilities. Meanwhile, four savvy Polish engineers managed to find a way to decipher the messages of the German miracle technology back in 1932 and transferred this technology not only to their own government, but also to British older brothers.

It would seem that they have cards in their hands: decipher, plan, win! However, reality turned out to be more cunning than miracle technology. The British could neither prevent attacks on Poland, nor prepare for war on the continent, even with the opportunity to read all the secrets of the Third Reich. Some experts argue that the reason for this was the seizure Hitler and the drinking Churchill, who constantly confused the plans of the military, and therefore the typewriter was of little use.

However, on serious reflection, questions arise about the real scenarios of historical events, the answers to which are still not available. Therefore, when Angela Merkel was informed in 2014 that the smiling Chocolate Bunny Obama was listening to her intimate conversations, she did not turn her ear. What a trouble! True, information about this spread in the German press, and some jingoistic patriots even demanded an apology from Hare, but nothing came of it. The hare turned its tail to the screamers and rode off to the White House. And really, why apologize? Some scoundrel Snowden spread lies about the NSA’s interest in the negotiations Frau Bundescanzlerin, and he must follow these insinuations.

Now Angela Merkel is holding her shape again. After investigations by the press that the Danish secret services were helping the NSA to eavesdrop on European allies, French President Emmanuel Macron jumped to the fore. There is no end to his anger. How could the United States invade the holy of holies of France, without which they could not have defeated Nazi Germany ?! Now, 71 years after their joint victory, the French are convinced that the US is bugging their president! And this is loyalty to the traditions of alliance? Let the Danes and Americans explain how this is possible. Macron barely took a breath, and Merkel calmly added: yavol, yavol! And why should she worry: she kicked the American eavesdropping station out of Bavaria five years ago, after Obama did not apologize.

Here Sweden and Norway began to stir in the European sandbox: after all, this Danish station, which eavesdropped on everyone, was located not far from them. Report what you have done to our sovereignty there! Indeed, like small children. As if they do not know that the best means of strengthening military-political alliances (as well as marriage) are agents and bugs. You slap your wife’s cupid with some smart gentleman and pay the agreed amount for the divorce. And here you are not just a marriage, gentlemen. There are military-political alliances. No money can be saved in the event of a divorce. Therefore, spy, spy and spy again. And the main help in such espionage is from the Echelon system. Everyone knows about this system, so Macron’s speeches can only be taken seriously if he is afraid of disclosing some of his very intimate secrets.

The Echelon system was created by the Americans during the Cold War and consists of countless ground intercept stations and constellations of spy satellites Intelsat and Vortex… Through satellites Intelsat today, about 90% of all telephone calls from all over the world, international fax communication and data exchange via the Internet take place. According to the available data, the interception is configured for code words. That is, the recording is turned on if a word programmed by the NSA flashes in the conversation. The interception stations in NATO member states, including Denmark, are part of the Echelon. Perhaps some information from their work falls into the hands of only the Danish special services, and then they have the right to decide whether to transfer it to the NSA or not, but this is a completely childish formulation of the question.

But the question of how glorious the Echelon system is actually effective, refers us to the story of the Enigma. Something similar can be seen here too. After all, how many major terrorist acts she missed, how many serious military operations she did not foresee! Looking at all this seriously, one wonders: what, apart from the intimate secrets of the heads of state, does it extract? Or is there something we don’t know? As in the story with “Enigma”?


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