Jun 28, 2020
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The best tricks with levitation: simple secrets for cool tricks

Levitation is the most impressive and spectacular trick genre. Flying objects or people – this delights the viewer. And the illusionists themselves respect these tricks very much, because Options – a lot. And in contrast, for example, from cutting assistants, a scene and a large space are not necessary here. Levitation can be shown even in the elevator.

We offer some interesting ways to levitate. And these tricks with flying objects can be performed by any magician, because secrets are the simplest.

Levitating paper ball

We take the paper, squeeze it into a lump, put it in the palms, spread our palms up and down. The paper levitates – soars, sways in the air.

Secret: in one hand we hide a pencil. It is desirable that the body is beige – suitable for skin tone. We hold the pencil between the wrist and the middle finger, the writing edge rests on the fingertip. When we crumple the paper, we wrap it around this edge of the pencil. We hold the other end of the pencil with the wrists of our palms and turn the paper toward the viewer so that the pencil is not visible. To levitate more realistic, we press on the tip of the pencil with the wrist.

Levitating bill

Banknotes – extremely convenient for magicians props. And using money in tricks brings spice to the show. The easiest way to levitate money is given with invisible threads. This is a must-have item for a magician.

Trick with a bill No. 1

Extend an invisible thread from the wall to the surface of the table. You can use any surface, the main thing is that the thread passes in front of the magician. We recommend pulling the thread diagonally, so at the end you can show the free space around the bill. That’s the whole secret.bill levitation

Otherwise, we fold the bill in half, then diagonally so that it can be “hung” on an invisible thread. The greater the number of layers of a folded bill, the more stable it will hang on the thread. The bill, simply folded in half, will slide.

Black invisible threads can be bought here (5 meters) and here (6 meters). If you need transparent threads, you can see a large spool of threads.

Trick with a bill No. 2

Levitation between the palms looks great when working with elastic invisible threads. They are called Loops and look like gum.

We offer to buy a set of invisible elastic loops yarn here.

Unlike ordinary invisible threads, loops can stretch. We simply stretch loops between our palms, like an elastic band, “hang” a bill and that’s it, a thread in the air. You can raise, raise, lower your palms – the bill will picturesquely levitate in your hands.

Magician levitation

You can lift into the air not only objects, but also yourself. Of course, you will not fly away with the airship into the heavens, but you will noticeably rise above the support. In this trick, no details are needed at all, well, except for the legs, your own, of course.

This levitation can be performed only at a certain angle to the viewer – 45 °. The secret is simple: you need to rise on one toe of the foot, closed from the viewer. The other foot is parallel to the floor and soars as expected. In this case, the heels should be connected at the same level.

A few more tricks with levitation, see the video above. It shows both demonstrations and secrets. Successful flight!

human levitation

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