Oct 16, 2020
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The best talismans and signs for a successful exam

The best talismans and signs for a successful exam

People often have to take exams - at school, at university, at a driving school, at work, and so on. Bioenergy experts talked about how to increase the chances of successful surrender.

Only the right thoughts will make good luck your constant companion. Before going to the exam, you need to set yourself up for the best. Remember that your best talisman is yourself.

The best mascot stone that helps everyone who takes the exam in the creative field is aventurine... These can be exams in art, exams in acting schools, auditions for some roles, and so on. Any exams where you need to think up something quickly will be easier to pass with aventurine.

It is impossible to pass any intellectual exam without a developed sixth sense, especially if you have not been able to prepare properly in advance. Eye of the Tiger will help you get out of an awkward situation and find an important decision in a short time.

Almost any exam is a serious memory test. Minerals such as citrine, onyx, chrysolite... With them, you can remember anything at the right time.

For most people, exams are synonymous with stress and excitement. Everyone knows that nerves can cause productivity to be severely impaired on college exams or driving. Stress deprives us of energy, memory, strength, intuition. That is why it is very important to use talisman stones that calm the nerves: aquamarine, amethyst, obsidian, moonstone...

Excellent talismans for creative and intellectual work, as well as passing exams - platinum products... This metal opens the right chakras and helps you make decisions faster and save energy.

Believers can take with them to the exam icon of Sergius of Radonezh or Nicholas the Wonderworker... You can also take an icon of your saint by name.

AT feng shui philosophy has such a talisman as Red thread... This is an ordinary thread made of natural natural material - cotton, wool - but its bright color attracts great luck. Also, from the eastern talismans of good luck for the exam, one can single out turtlesince she is a symbol of wisdom.

On the day before the exam and on the day of the exam itself you can't washotherwise all knowledge will go away with water.

Experts also advise do not have a haircut before exams, otherwise, you may not pass. It is noted that this sign works almost always.

Right in front of the exit from the house stands put a five-kopeck or five-kopeck coin under the right heel... Some sources claim that there is no difference under which heel you put money, but it is better not to risk it and choose the right foot.

When you enter an exam room or get into a car for a driving test, then you need to say: "Good luck come, but don't follow me"...

It is considered that for all exams you need to come in the same clothes... It can be some kind of happy outfit (pants and jacket) or just one happy item of clothing: shoes, T-shirt, jacket, tie, and so on.

Use also conspiracies for study, for good grades. Try to prepare for exams emotionally and energetically in advance. Remember that your peace of mind is the key to success.

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