Feb 16, 2021
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The best sugaring pastes: what really matters

The best sugaring pastes: what really matters

What is important to consider and what to look for when choosing a paste for sugaring? Read the recommendations in the article.

Shugaring is a common procedure for most women. Sugar depilation allows you to solve the problem of excess hair comfortably, safely and, if done regularly, is practically painless. For the hair removal process to be as effective as possible, it is important not only to master the technique of working on various parts of the body, but also to choose the best paste for shugaring.

What is important to consider and what to look for when choosing?

First of all, it is necessary to study the composition of the shugaring paste. Manufacturers often add synthetic components to pastes, which can negatively affect the effectiveness of the hair removal process and provoke the development of allergic reactions. The ideal composition is glucose, fructose, water.

The degree of plasticity is also important. It depends on her how deeply and tenaciously the paste will capture the hair, whether it will injure the skin and quickly become clogged with hairs or talcum powder.

Important! Shugaring pastes can have the same composition, but different plasticity, it depends on the production technology and the quality of the raw materials used.

We have compiled a selection of the best sugaring pastes so that you can choose the perfect one.

Paste “Light” ARAVIA Professional


The paste is very plastic, soft, airy, does not require heating up to 37 ° C. The composition quickly heats up to operating temperature and easily removes hairs of any type. Paste “Light”, like all ARAVIA sugaring pastes, delicately interacts with the skin, without causing irritation, redness or itching. The product is suitable for manual shugaring technique and effectively copes with hair removal from various parts of the body.

Paste in a cartridge “Medium” Start Epil

Paste in a cartridge

Start Epil sugaring pastes are easy to use and do not require special training and skills. Making shugaring at home is especially convenient with paste in a cartridge.

Elastic caramel is excellent for bandage depilation technique on large areas of the body. A special cartridge applies the composition in a thin, even layer, allowing for quick and easy depilation. The paste does not stick, captures hairs well and removes them painlessly, leaving the skin surface smooth for up to 4 weeks.

Paste “Solid” Cannaan


The paste has a hypoallergenic composition with neutral acidity. The product gently and efficiently removes coarse hairs in areas of the body with high temperature and humidity (bikini area and armpits), without causing irritation or damaging the skin. The paste remains consistently elastic throughout the entire sugar depilation procedure.

Paste Cosmetics Hot Sugar Paste 5 Saona

Paste Cosmetics Hot Sugar Paste 5 Saona

Sugar paste effectively and delicately removes even the thickest and toughest stubble in sensitive areas. The product is highly elastic, does not spread, easily captures short hairs and removes them along with the bulb. The paste is economically consumed, it is easy to work with both experienced craftsmen and beginners.

Express Premium No3 Paste Ayuna

Express Premium No3 Paste Ayuna

Universal paste for shugaring, including high-speed, allows you to quickly remove excess hair. The composition does not require pre-heating, while remaining soft and elastic throughout the entire depilation procedure. Upon contact with the skin, the lower layer of the paste gradually warms up, so that the hairs are removed easily and painlessly.

The best paste for sugaring can only be selected by trial. Feel free to experiment and you will definitely find the best remedy for yourself.

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