Nov 19, 2021
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The best advice of “financial Mozart” and the # 1 consultant in Europe Bodo Schaefer

The best advice of

The best advice of “financial Mozart” and the # 1 consultant in Europe Bodo Schaefer

Bodo Schaefer is the number one financial advisor in Europe, writer and businessman. He is a consummate practitioner in time management and financial management, has an extraordinary mind, for which he is widely known, and for his contribution to financial literacy he was dubbed “Financial Mozart.”

Bodo Schaefer, already at the age of thirty, could live on interest from his capital. His books and recordings of seminars are popular all over the world, including here, for many they have become teaching aids on financial issues and time management, and his seminars are successfully held in many countries of the world.

Collected the best quotes from legendary financial consultant Bodo Schaefer, which will help us look at the nature of money and success from a new angle:

  • Luck on closer inspection turns out to be just the result of a lot of work and careful preparation.
  • If you decide to do something, but have not started doing it within 72 hours, in 85% of cases you will never do it.
  • The one who does expects success. The one who “tries” expects that something will hinder him. Half effort does not give half the result, but zero result.
  • Whoever works all day has no time to earn money.
  • The greatest talent lies in being able to find motivation for your own actions.
  • Financial well-being is impossible without financial constraints and planning your spending. Financial freedom comes through financial constraints.
  • It is better to start badly than to do nothing well.
  • Think about your health. Success is impossible without good health. Wealth without health will not bring joy.
  • It is better to go to the goal at the speed of a turtle than to come up with excuses at the speed of light, why you are standing still.
  • Take your favorite hobby and build a career on it.
  • Good knowledge is needed for good earnings. Try to constantly learn, read, broaden your horizons. Fools are lucky only in the casino, and that is rare.
  • Wealth is not how much you spent in a casino, restaurant, resort, or store. Wealth is what you have put aside and saved.
  • Only fools are lucky once. Smart people are always lucky.
  • You are not responsible for all events. But you are always responsible for your interpretation of events and for your reaction to them.
  • Sitting and waiting for a miracle is as foolish as for an athlete to sit at home in front of the TV, watch the Olympic Games and hope to get a gold medal.
  • Money always has exactly the meaning that we attach to it.
  • Money alone does not make anyone happy or unhappy. They are neither good nor bad. A happy person with money will be even happier. A pessimist who makes a problem out of everything will get even more problems with money.
  • Money reveals the character of the owner. They are like a magnifying glass.
  • No one gets rich just by earning a lot. You are rich only when you can live on interest on your capital without having to work: money works for you.
  • Principle: Never take advice from someone who is not who you would like to become.
  • To live without responsibility means to degrade to the state of a powerless victim. It means living by the rules others have written for you.
  • Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.
  • We see roses, but we don’t notice the thorns. We see success, but not preparation for it. And we do not see other people’s failures. We will be amazed to learn how carefully the “lucky ones” prepare their luck.
  • There is a fundamental difference between the game you play in order not to lose and the game you want to win.
  • You are not paid as much as you are worth? No, if you work for this money, it means that you are worth so much. If something does not suit you, change your job, lifestyle, change yourself.
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