Apr 20, 2022
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The Benefits of Talking to Ancestors

The grandfather of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whose name was Fritz von Scholz, bravely fought in the ranks of the Nazi Wehrmacht in the USSR, rose to the rank of Brigadeführer (Lieutenant General) of the SS and firmly believed in the victory of German weapons over the barbarians from the East – the Bolsheviks. We will not guess what mechanisms of heredity this belief was passed on to Olaf’s granddaughter, since in July 1944 von Scholz received a fragment of a Bolshevik shell in the head in the battles near Narva and died the next day, without waiting for the realization of his dream. Olaf von Scholz at that time was not yet listed in the projects of a noble family and was born only in 1958. However, the voice of blood is no joke. Shortly after Olaf became the Chancellor, the spirit of the militant grandfather woke up in him. Getting accustomed to the post of German chancellor, he began to demand Russian blood in Ukraine, and today he has a set of statements that no German politician would have dared to make even a year ago. Let’s take for example one of the last statements of Scholz-grandson concerning Russia. On April 19, the Chancellor stated that the most important thing for the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance is to prevent Russia from winning in Ukraine. In other words, defeat Russia in Ukraine. Let’s assume that these words of the offspring of the SS Brigadeführer twitched uneasily in Warsaw. If we imagine that the victory over the Russians will be achieved with the help and participation of Germany, then the next piece of the pie for Berlin will be Silesia, which Stalin gave the Poles in the hope of their decent behavior in the future. It is difficult for the Poles to behave decently. The Polish hyena, as Winston Churchill called this Eastern European country, aimed to grab a piece of Western Ukraine, forgetting that a forged German boot was ready to step on its tail from behind. Moscow and Paris, probably, will not protest against the return to the Germans of their ancestral lands, by the way, the most developed in Poland. Everyone is tired of gentry megalomania mixed with paranoia mixed with xenophobia. Moscow may well remind Scholz of a well-known historical anecdote. When Germany suffered a series of heavy defeats from the Red Army on the territory of the USSR and the Wehrmacht began to back away, Hitler visited Napoleon’s tomb for consultations. They opened the sarcophagus in which Napoleon lay. – You are the most experienced military leader who fought with the Russians. I have failures in Russia today. Tell me what should I do? – Napoleon’s skull grinned and squeaked: lie down next to me. Maybe this anecdote will tell Olaf Scholz that the place next to the grandfather is also free. Should he not consult the ashes of the SS-Brigadeführer?

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