Jun 18, 2022
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The benefits and harms of a solarium

The benefits and harms of a solarium

“Chocolates” always enjoy the increased attention of men and cause the envy of women who do not have such an attractive bronze skin tone. If in summer the situation is easy to fix on the beach, then in winter things are more complicated. Only self-tanning, which cannot boast of a lasting effect, or a solarium, a visit to which is considered either dangerous or useful, can save you. So all the same, what to do, go or not go to the solarium?

Of course, the unconditional benefit of the “plus” is the ability to have a stunning, seductive skin color in winter and autumn, when there is little sun and the weather is cold. And when a woman likes the way she looks, it to some extent protects against depression, which can also be attributed to the benefits of visiting a solarium. Ultraviolet, due to the impact of which the skin produces pigment (which is a tan), is also quite often and successfully used in medicine in the fight against many skin diseases.

However, turning to the harm of the “cons”, it should be noted that scientists around the world are carefully examining this issue and yet, as a result, they say that the solarium is harmful, especially for those who are too fond of it. According to the data obtained, more than 55% of women who regularly visit the solarium more than once a month, find themselves with malignant skin tumors. And in general, studying the effect of a solarium on the skin, experts say that lovers of artificial tanning put themselves at risk of developing cancer if they do not protect their eyes and breasts with special devices.

Speaking about the cosmetic effect, which can also be negative in case of abuse of artificial “sun” baths, first of all, it should be noted that the skin can look far unattractive (have a bright yellow tint), which can create the feeling that the girl is somehow sick. Moreover, frequent visits to the solarium also affect the youthfulness of the skin – it begins to age and fade faster. The rays of the lamp in the solarium are 12 times stronger and more dangerous than the sun’s rays, so those who immediately decide on a 10-minute session can get badly burned, because it will be equivalent to 2 hours of sun exposure.

Summarizing all of the above, we can say that on one side of the scale there is a good mood and a bronze skin tone, and on the second – the risk of developing incurable diseases and skin problems. To go or not to go to the solarium? In our country, everyone will decide this for himself. But in some other countries of the world, persons under 16 years of age are prohibited from visiting solariums, and there is every reason for this.

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