May 8, 2022
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The bear was disappointed when he searched the trash cans and found nothing tasty there.

bear ransacked trash cansDespite the fact that a woman named Camille often sees bears coming to visit her, she feels excitement every time.

bear ransacked trash cans

A resident of Oxford (New Jersey, USA) installed a surveillance camera, and the woman shared one of the videos on social networks. In the footage, we can admire the bear, which has experienced considerable disappointment. The animal saw two garbage cans and was already looking forward to how it would arrange a buffet for itself, but alas, there was nothing edible in the containers.

bear ransacked trash cans

Camilla added that the video camera allows her not only to observe wildlife, but also to feel safe. Before leaving the house (if only to put the overturned cans back on), the woman always surveys the surroundings to make sure that all unsafe visitors have left.

The bear, who decided to attack the pigs, did not expect that they could be warlike

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