May 6, 2022
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The bear searched two cars, but did not find anything to eat

bear ransacked two carsWhen Cody Gillotti noticed that the lights were on in his mother-in-law’s parked car, he went to fix the mess.

bear ransacked two cars

But when a resident of Cornwall (Connecticut, USA) went out into the yard, he realized that something much more strange and frightening was happening than a light left on out of forgetfulness. Cody glanced at his car and saw that the door was open and his little daughter’s car seat was lying on the ground. As for the mother-in-law’s car, there was a bear sitting there. The man suggested that the events developed as follows: the bear got into his car, but apart from an empty bag from McDonald’s, he did not find anything interesting, after which he moved into the car of an elderly lady, where he accidentally locked himself.

bear ransacked two cars

Cody turned to the employees of the Department of Wildlife, and they did not leave the car owner in trouble. Having tied a rope to the handle of the car door, the officers opened the car from a safe distance, after which the beast fled. Cody added that his car was slightly damaged by the bear, but his mother-in-law was less fortunate – a lot of serious damage was found in the cabin.

The bear spent several hours in an SUV, and then got out, breaking the windshield


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