Sep 15, 2022
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The bear obeyed the landlady who told him to close the door

the bear was told to close the doorSusan Kehoe is sure that polite speech can affect not only people, but also wild animals.

the bear was told to close the door

When the front door of a resident of Highland Lakes (New Jersey, USA) opened slightly, the woman saw that a bear was standing outside. But Susan didn’t scream or panic. Instead, she gently told the beast to close the door (from the outside, of course), and the beast obeyed.

the bear was told to close the door

Susan added that she often sees bears near her house, but she is not particularly afraid of them. The fearless lady claims that she knows how to act so that the animals do not become aggressive. It is enough just to choose the right tone of communication.

The bear came to the children’s birthday party and ate cupcakes without asking

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