Sep 14, 2022
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The bear came to the children’s birthday party and ate cupcakes without asking

the bear ate cupcakes without askingThe party that Raouf and Laura Majidyan threw in honor of the birthday of their son Cyrus took an unexpected turn.

the bear ate cupcakes without asking

At first, the holiday, which took place in West Hartford (Connecticut, USA), was very fun, but at some point, all the adults began to panic, grab the frolicking kids in their arms and take them away. All because of a bear that unexpectedly appeared from a nearby forest and set out to join the celebration. Especially the beast was interested in the table with refreshments.

the bear ate cupcakes without asking

Some guests took refuge in the house and in the garage, others retreated to their cars and began to honk to scare away the bear, but he calmly approached the table and began to treat himself to sweet muffins with cream. Only having had enough, the bear left. Rauf and Laura later said that it was a rather terrible incident, but it must be admitted that the bear they came across was not aggressive. He had no interest in people at all, preferring to devour cupcakes without asking.

The bear turned out to be an experienced robber and stole a bag of garbage

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