Oct 12, 2020
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The banker told how to save for the first mortgage payment

Russian banker Ilya Polyakov said that it is possible to accumulate the necessary amount for the first installment on a mortgage if you save in advance in the amount of the future loan payment.

The lack of a down payment is one of the main constraints to the greater availability of mortgage lending. Save money as if you have already been given a loan - about 30 thousand rubles a month. Storage method - bank deposit with interest capitalization, - noted financier in conversation with PRIME agency.

He added that this way of saving has one drawback - housing may rise in price. However, there is also a plus. When banks assess credit risk, it is considered an important indicator.

Polyakov stressed that there are other options for the formation of the first installment. So, in Russia now the opportunities for obtaining maternal family capital are expanded. It can be used to buy real estate. In addition, in some regions, there are pilot projects on the formation of a down payment from housing savings.

Banks are developing their own programs to stimulate the accumulation of a down payment. There are lending options secured by existing real estate, allowing to improve living conditions for those who do not have personal savings- stressed Polyakov.

The banker also warned about the risks of savings.

When the initial enthusiasm disappears, and the deposited amount becomes large enough, there will be many temptations to spend it for other purposes.- said the financier.

He believes that in such a situation, creating a reserve for unforeseen expenses can help out.

Earlier reported that Ilya Polyakov described the situation on the foreign exchange market as very chaotic and difficult to predict. Therefore, according to him, Russians should keep their savings in the currency in which the funds can be spent in the future. The financier noted that Russians tend to prefer dollars. They are also interested in euros, pounds sterling and even exotic currencies.

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