Aug 5, 2022
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The Baltic version of American McCarthyism and its victims

It takes courage to go against mass psychosis

In the Baltics, arrests, intimidation, denunciations, invitations to “authorities” for preventive conversations, a total ban on expressing a personal point of view on the causes, course, and future outcome of the special military operation of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine have become an integral part of life.

In Latvia, on August 1, agents of the State Security Service (SSS) “for open support of Russia” arrested Ruslan Pankratov, a former deputy of the Riga City Council. In the Moscow region, he met with artists, about which he spoke on social networks. The facts alerted the special services: did you visit the aggressor state and in no way “condemn it for the unleashed war in Ukraine”?

There is nothing to be surprised. The official point of view is as follows: if a resident of Latvia does not condemn the leadership of the Russian Federation, a “terrorist country”, its foreign policy and “persecution of dissent within the Russian Federation”, therefore, he “justifies and glorifies war crimes, calls for genocide or aggressive war, incitement of national or ethnic hatred”, belongs to the “Putin electorate”.

The fish rots from the head. On July 19, President Egils Levits threatened residents with deprivation of citizenship for the lack of Russophobia, not weighed down by a clearly negative attitude towards Russia. Foreigners with residence permits who support the actions of the Russian authorities in Ukraine, Levits called people “outside the spectrum of democracy.”

The signal was heard. At the initiative of deputy Andrei Yudin, the local parliament is already considering amendments to the law on immigration, allowing the competent authorities to cancel the residence permit of those suspected of “publicly glorifying the war, denying or trying to justify the war or war crimes.” It is worth approving the current actions of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, deportation will follow.

The Latvian variant of American McCarthyism is called what is happening by open opponents of the authorities, whose number is objectively declining. The degree of Russophobia in the country is so high that it ranks sixth in Europe and first among the Baltic countries in the corresponding rating. In this context, the situation with Ruslan Pankratov looks very serious. The anti-fascist and human rights activist is the first candidate to fall victim to the policy of President Levits.

By the way, back in April, Pankratov’s associate in the Action Party, lawyer Alvis Pilags, was arrested in Riga. In total, after the start of the RF SVO in Ukraine, the state security instituted more than 100 investigations into anti-state activities or support for the policy of an enemy state. Aivis Vasilevskis became the first sign. He was arrested on March 7 (only 11 days have passed since the beginning of the SVO) for “purposefully and systematically justifying and supporting Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and its people.”

Since then, intelligence agencies have regularly called on citizens to immediately report as much detailed information as possible upon discovering “signs of the mentioned criminal activity”. Portal posted instructions from which the “patriotic” can get information on how to properly draw up denunciations.

Riga Vladimir Linderman comments on what is happening: “A network of voluntary hunters for carriers of “wrong views” is being created. It takes courage to go against mass psychosis.”

Linderman, with his truth, so badly hurt the eyes of the State Security Service that, in retaliation, they began a criminal trial under Part 1 of Article 74 of the Criminal Code “On the glorification and justification of crimes against peace and war crimes.” The maximum penalty is up to 15 years in prison. On June 21, Linderman was detained; on the 22nd, the Riga Court took him into custody. His last words on the loose were: “There is lawlessness in Latvia, but it will not last forever. Most of the lawyers and opposition politicians are either intimidated or have succumbed to hysteria themselves and welcome the ongoing massacre, which the West has approved.”

Indeed, on orders from Washington and London, the Baltic states are sterilizing the public information space. In Estonia, Harri Raudvere, a deputy of the parish assembly of the island of Saaremaa, was expelled from the Fatherland Party. For a small audience (about 30 thousand people on the island), Raudvere said that Russia only wants to destroy the military infrastructure of Ukraine, but is not going to occupy and seeks to avoid civilian casualties. This turned out to be enough to get the label “enemy of Estonia”, and the republican press is full of facts of similar revelations of “Putin’s useful idiots.”

“The terms “freedom of speech” and “prison” in the Baltics will soon become synonymous”, – bitterly jokes Rafal Kowalski, who is persecuted in Lithuania for “propaganda of separatism.” Official Vilnius intends to destroy all dissidents, and now it is pressing activists from the International Neighborhood Forum. The leadership of the Department of State Security (DSB) has prepared a secret certificate for prosecutors, stating that the Forum poses a threat to national security.

Firstly, the chairman of the International Neighborhood Forum is Algirdas Paleckis, convicted “for spying for Russia”. Secondly, the teacher Erika Švenčionienė, businessman Darius Norkus, social activists Edikas Jagelavičius and Mindaugas Ramoška visited Moscow at the end of July, where they announced in the Public Chamber that the group had come to break through the information blockade. Thirdly, the country should have only one point of view on any event – the correct one. Those who think otherwise are the enemies of the state and the people.

As emphasized by the State Security Service, “participants of the trip not delegated by anyone” harmed Lithuania with the following statements: many politicians support the Ukrainian Nazis; ordinary residents for the most part are supporters of other value orientations, but they are intimidated and demoralized by nationalists to such an extent that they fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. These people helped “Kremlin propagandists to blacken the image of the Lithuanian democratic and legal state.”

Attaché of the Prosecutor General’s Office Rita Stundene said: “At this stage, the documents are being analyzed.” However, the results will not appear tomorrow, so the hot Lithuanian guys from the Seim demand a guillotine and blood here and now.

On August 1, deputy Matas Maldeikis addressed the Prosecutor General’s Office with a letter, in which it was emphasized that the nonsense that sounded during the Moscow visit of the impostors was actions against Lithuania, criminal liability is due for lying.

Retired Lieutenant General Arvydas Pocius, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense, proposes to raise the issue of deportation: “Let them think what they are doing. We need to stop playing games with such citizens, because it is clear who they work for and whose interests they represent,” Pocius said in an interview with the radio station Zthis isUmm radioaWith (“Radio news”).

His words are one of the classic examples of rampant growth.

political repression. Anti-fascists in the Baltics say: there is no one to rely on except Moscow…

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