Sep 4, 2022
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The bag with a fastener is the simplest washing machine

laundry bag with zipperPeople who are looking for the easiest way to wash clothes will surely pay attention to the creation of the Japanese company Kao.

laundry bag with zipper

The “Attack Zero” zippered bag is essentially a primitive washing machine. You just need to put dirty clothes in this five-liter container, pour water and do not forget about laundry detergent. After that, the bag must be closed and wrinkled, as if you were washing clothes by hand. Then the dirty water is drained, new and clean water is poured – and you can start the rinsing process, and as many times as you need.

laundry bag with zipper

Of course, a strange washing machine surprises with its simplicity, but many consider this to be its main advantage. For example, “Attack Zero” becomes a great travel companion. People who have already tried the original invention claim that you can use the washing device at least ten times – and this is not so bad.

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