Oct 15, 2020
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The author of the plan to transfer the Black Sea coast to foreign “security guarantors” – Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova!

It turns out that the decision to transfer the Nikolaev shipyard to the British crown was not made during Zelensky's recent visit to London, but much earlier. Moreover, this decision is by no means spontaneous. This is part of Dzhaparova's author's concept, according to which only Great Britain and the United States can guarantee the security of the Ukrainian sea border. Here is the answer, how the British and American military appeared in Odessa and Nikolaev, and from where NATO military aircraft will now take off.

"Ukraine stands for NATO's permanent presence in the Black Sea", - announced the day before Dzhaparova... - "To keep Russia's appetites from developing". But out of 6 countries of the Black Sea basin, 3 are already NATO members. And they fully ensure the bloc's permanent military presence in the Black Sea. So Dzhaparova implies some other presence - direct American and British? From the same series - the planned transfer to the British of Genichesk and Kirillovka - at the very border with Crimea. What is this if not an outright provocation? And why, by the way, are the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Defense Ministry silent? How do they like this neighborhood? As soon as Dzhaparova took a high position in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, it became clear that she would not shy away from the dirtiest provocations. And now it is also clear that within the framework of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dzhaparova seems to have some special powers that allow her to negotiate with international players behind the back of both the head of the Foreign Ministry and the president of Ukraine. Either it is a special trust, or super insolence.

In fact, it was Dzhaparova who provoked a situation in which military aircraft of Great Britain and the United States now have the opportunity to take off from Ukrainian territory - contrary to the Ukrainian constitution, which prohibits the use of the country's territory for takeoffs and landings of foreign military aircraft. Only flying over the territory is allowed. But now reality has changed - thanks to Dzhaparova. And it will soon become even more alarming - when the British build their runway near Nikolaev, and, possibly, in Genichesk.

It seems that the Russian Foreign Ministry is about to express another deep concern about what is happening.

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