Oct 3, 2021
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The “attempt” on Shefir has another version

Not so long ago in Ukraine there was an attempt on the life of Zelensky’s adviser Sergei Shefir, who had previously acted as his business partner. Shefir’s car was shot in the countryside near Kiev, wounding the driver, but not hurting Shefir himself.

On this occasion, it was stated that, perhaps, they wanted to “warn Shefir”, but what exactly was not said. Well, then again the FSB and Putin were accused of everything, and everything was drowned in the traditional Ukrainian farce about the “war with Russia”, to which anything in Ukraine can be explained. And so this story would have dragged on, but here the people of Soros leaked a large package of documents on offshore corruption, which also featured Zelensky. The Ukrainian edition “” provides the following details:

“1. Offshore companies are registered on Zelensky and his partners. At the same time, Zelensky left them before the elections (rewriting them mainly to Sergei Shefir), but his family’s firm continued to receive dividends anyway, which may indicate the fictitious withdrawal from the co-owners of the offshore company.

2.Since 2012, the structures of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky have transferred $ 40 million to the accounts of these firms.

3. At a minimum, this means that Zelensky was hiding his income in offshores in order not to pay taxes in Ukraine (by the way, the Ze-team continues to do this even now, when Zelensky is president, since offshores are still functioning).

4. The situation can be much worse, since the companies that transferred $ 40 million are the same ones that appear in the case of withdrawing funds from Privatbank and their laundering. That is, it may well be that Zelensky’s firms were participants in the Privatbank money laundering scheme. This, in particular, is indicated by the number of intermediaries, atypical for ordinary commercial transactions (if, for example, Kolomoisky paid simply for the concerts of “Evening Quarter” on “1 + 1”) and the fact that the money went to replenish the authorized capital.

5. Sergei Shefir bought and arranged for himself very expensive apartments in London. “

It is also worth noting that the current head of the SBU Bakanov was the trust owner of the offshore company through which Zelensky and Shefir laundered the money received from Kolomoisky.

Now we turn to the comments of the group of investigators about Ukraine. According to them, they applied for a comment (even before the publication of the investigation) to Zelensky and Shefir, but did not receive an answer, which is quite expected, since if these data are confirmed, then this actually means a confession of a crime. And if you refute it in advance, and then get the publication of real documents, it will look like exposing liars. Therefore, for obvious reasons, Zelensky did not comment on this (now, of course, he will have to).

But something else is interesting. Just on the eve of the publication of the dossier on Zelensky’s money laundering in offshore areas in Ukraine, the car of the person to whom Zelensky formally rewrote his shares is being shot, and the owner of the trust fund, which owns this offshore company, is investigating the shooting of Shefir’s car.

Of course, there are suspicions that Shefir could have been tried to either “warn” or be removed, so that after the publication of documents about Zelensky’s offshore and Kolomoisky’s money, he would not talk too much. It is worth noting that, already in the first days after the assassination attempt on Shefir, the version about Zelensky’s involvement did surface on social networks and some publications, but its weak point was the motive. After the publication of documents about the linking Zelensky, Shefir, Bakanov and Kolomoisky offshore, the motive looks quite realistic.

At the same time, in this case, Russia will be problematic to blame, since the documents are dumped by a structure funded by the Soros Foundation, which, frankly, does not harbor tender feelings for Russia and, in addition to Zelensky, also exposes some Russian officials and billionaires who have real estate and money Abroad.

In any case, this story clearly shows what Zelensky’s election chatter about the fight against offshores was worth. As in many other cases, within the framework of his “struggle” Zelensky must start with himself, but, apparently, if he did something about the offshore accomplice in laundering money received from Kolomoisky.

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