Apr 23, 2022
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The arc from Izyum to Donetsk will be broken through by landing forces

The arc from Izyum to Donetsk will be broken through by landing forces

Photo: Vitaly Nevar/TASS

The capture of Mariupol is called by absolutely all Western experts and journalists the main success of Russian weapons in a special operation. And they expect a decisive continuation of the battle for Donbass. After all, now a significant grouping of Russian troops, previously occupied in Mariupol, is being released for an offensive between Kurakhovo and Avdiivka, where, according to various sources, from 30 to 40 thousand Ukrainian soldiers have settled.

Institute for the Study of War: Kyiv counterattacks only language I in social networks

At a briefing by the Deputy Commander of the Central Military District Rustam Minnekaev It was officially announced about new tactical tasks in the course of the Ukrainian special operation. There are two of them: the first is the return of control over the entire territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and the second is the provision of a stable land bridge to the Crimea (for which it is necessary to maintain control over the Kherson region).

The Institute for the Study of War, an American think tank, notes that Russian troops are conducting a large-scale offensive in several directions in the Donbas. Troops are concentrating in the direction of Rubizhne, Popasna and Marinka, they managed to achieve serious success – to regain control over the 55,000-strong district center of Lozovaya in the Kharkov region.

Now this provides an opportunity to continue advancing towards the 110,000-strong Slavyansk, which Ukrainian troops have turned into a powerful fortified area since 2014.

However, according to analysts at the Institute for the Study of War, Russian troops are also rapidly strengthening their newly captured positions in order to prepare for further attacks with a long arm.

Ukrainian state propaganda continues to broadcast about some “counterattacks”, and even close to the Russian state border in the Belgorod region. However, even American experts point out that there is simply no independent confirmation of these statements.

The goal of Kyiv is simple – to create the appearance of maintaining the combat capability of the Ukrainian forces in the Kharkiv-Izyum direction. It is here, according to American experts, that Russia will soon continue its offensive in an arc from Izyum to Donetsk.

The Yankees predict an increase in the scale and extent of Russia’s ground offensive operations, which will involve aviation, motorized infantry, armored forces and, of course, the Airborne Forces.

Conversation: the battle for Donbass will be turned over by the “Red God of War”

A British military expert from the Royal United Services Institute draws attention to the increase in the concentration of tanks, artillery and strike aircraft, including on the territory of Belarus and the Belgorod region. Justin Bronk.

According to Bronk’s estimates for the Daily Mail, about 120 reinforced battalion tactical groups are involved in the battle for Donbass. Each of these army groups usually has about 10 tanks, 40 infantry fighting vehicles and about 700-900 troops. And this is in peacetime, while in offensive operations the base figures are usually reinforced by additional attached support elements.

In addition, as Bronk notes, troops were regrouped in the Donbas direction, which were withdrawn in advance from secondary ones – Kyiv, Sumy and Chernihiv. The British expert, as well as analysts at the American Institute for War Research, criticizes Ukrainian military propaganda.

Kyiv is stubbornly silent about the true size of its combat losses, while naming absolutely fantastic numbers of Russian losses. Bronka is sure that the Kyiv figures, whatever they may be, are deliberately overstated.

The Russian army has approached the second phase of the special operation – the battle for the Donbass – with major changes in the command and control structure of the troops, states a senior lecturer in military strategy and law from the University of Portsmouth Frank Ledwidge. In an op-ed for The Conversation, an analyst praises Russia for appointing an overall commander for the special operation.

“The importance of this lies not in the personality or experience of the Colonel General Alexandra Dvornikovabut in the fact that the Russians will have a single command structure to coordinate and attempt to achieve a single and realistic operational goal, instead of three separate ones competing in the north, south and east, ”writes Ledwidge.

The second positive factor is shorter and therefore better established supply lines. This will minimize enemy flank attacks, which periodically occurred in other bridgeheads in the first phase of the special operation. Supply is critical to the large force that Russia is gathering in the Donbass for a decisive and deadly strike.

The third important factor that can ensure the victory of Russia, according to Frank Ledwidge, is the possibility of widespread use of the air force. The fact is that in the Donbass they are much closer to the bases and under the cover of air defense. Russian artillery will also be widely used, Ledwidge said.

Ever since the Great Patriotic War, apt-tongued American journalists have called her the “Red God of War.” The battle for Donbass will again prove that it is no coincidence.

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