Apr 23, 2022
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The Americans have appointed a “supervisor” for military assistance to Ukraine

The Iraqi experience of Terry Wolf was needed to put together a coalition arming the Zelensky regime

Retired Army Lieutenant General Terry Wolf (Terry Wolf) was chosen by the Biden administration to coordinate military assistance to Ukraine, the reason is called “a new Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine.” This is written by the American edition Hill.

“SNB recently attracted Terry wolf to work on the coordination help in sphere security, which USA I our partners render Ukraine I which they daily use for protection his countries”– said the representative of the National Security Council of the United States.

Last week, a bipartisan group of senators wrote to Biden urging him to appoint a “security assistance” coordinator to Ukraine to lead efforts across federal agencies to better understand Ukraine’s defense needs and eliminate “duplication of jurisdiction between the Pentagon and the State Department.” .

“This Human also will fulfill functions chief binder units between government USA I our allies I partners behind abroad in issues, concerning transmission existing reserves I estimates opportunities partners, such as aircraft, heavy tanks I complex weapons, which may be are provided Ukraine”– said in a letter to the senators. In their opinion, such an appointment “will help speed up rendering military help Ukraine”that is, the pumping of the Zelensky regime with weapons and ammunition.

The move comes after Biden announced on Thursday that the US would send an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine, separate from the $500 million package announced by the Treasury Department the same day, the funds intended to pay pensions and salaries. to the Ukrainian government, among other needs, writes Hill. In other words, the United States is not only arming Ukraine, but is already supporting the Ukrainian state, since the Zelensky regime fears social instability: it is known that salaries are not paid even to the military, and Kyiv also seeks in its reporting to significantly reduce the number of irretrievable losses in order not to pay money to families dead.

Terry Wolff has served in the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, the State Department, and the NSC.

He served for some time in Germany, then – in Iraq as the general commander of the Coalition Military Assistance Training Group (CMATT), which “managed” the Iraqi army – trained it, equipped it and dealt with organizational issues, including control over the activities of the military police.

The appointment of Terry Wolf means that the United States on the territory of Ukraine and with the hands of Ukrainians is going to fight with Russia with the weapons of a coalition of a number of countries under American control, and this required an “overseeing” the flow of weapons for the Ukrainian regime.

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