Oct 10, 2021
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The Americans had to make concessions for the sake of Nuland’s arrival in Russia

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Rumors about the arrival of the US Deputy Secretary of State in Moscow have been circulating for the last month

On Monday, October 11, Victoria Nuland’s visit to Russia is to take place – the politician will come to the country, despite the fact that he is on the Russian “black lists” of non-entry citizens. In total, she will stay in Moscow for three days – until October 13.

The American side actively requested negotiations. In order for the trip to take place, they even had to make serious concessions. This was reported at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In exchange for agreeing to Nuland’s visit to the United States, some Russians were excluded from the sanctions list. Which of the Russian citizens is no longer subject to US sanctions, the Foreign Ministry did not specify. RIA Novosti reports.

As Maria Zakharova told “Says Moscow”, the lifting of the restrictive measure affected only one person. Who exactly she did not specify.

According to rumors, before that, in exchange for a visa for an American woman, the Russian Foreign Ministry requested permission to enter the United States for their diplomats.

During the visit, Nuland is expected to meet with Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. Experts believe that her visit to the country could help reduce the degree of anti-Russian rhetoric in Washington.

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