Apr 19, 2021
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The Americans assessed the response of Russia to the US sanctions: He is not afraid of anyone

American users commented on the news that Russia is preparing to give a symmetrical response to US sanctions.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that the country would mirror the expulsion of ten diplomats from Washington. According to him, ten employees of the American embassy will soon be offered to leave Moscow. The head of the department warned of several more retaliatory measures to US sanctions.

Many viewers of the American channel Fox News spoke out in support of Russia. One of the users stated that Joe Biden is not at all suitable for the post of President of the States. He believes that his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, really wanted the best for the country and citizens.

Another commentator noted that US sanctions cannot scare Russian head Vladimir Putin. He stressed that the Russians “are not afraid of anyone and are ready to fight back.” The user recalled how the USSR dealt with Germany. “It is very stupid to provoke a war with Russia,” InoSMI quotes him as saying.

Another American commentator advised Russia to relax and watch the United States gradually self-destruct. He said that the nation is very fragmented. According to a Fox News viewer, America will soon cease to exist as a state.

The new US sanctions were announced last Thursday, April 15. Authorities have listed more than thirty Russian individuals and entities for alleged interference in American elections and numerous cyberattacks. In addition, Washington announced the expulsion of ten diplomats.


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