Oct 2, 2021
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The American state versus Huawei: the complete failure of a legal run-in

Photo: Chinese businesswomen Meng Wanzhou

Photo: Chinese businesswoman Meng Wanzhou (Photo: Darryl Dyck / Keystone Press Agency / Global Look Press)

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After three years of attempts to extradite a Chinese businesswoman from Canada Meng Wanzhou the Justice Department threw away the towel by agreeing to a deal that allowed Meng to return freely to China. Maine spent three years under house arrest in Canada as the Justice Department fiercely sought her extradition.

Upon returning to China, Meng was greeted as a hero. According to CNN, “Tens of millions of people tuned in to watch the state media online broadcast of her arrival.” The Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily hailed Meng’s return as “a major victory for the Chinese people.”

And there is no doubt that Meng and China have won this fight. Maine’s release without an admission of guilt or conviction is an implicit admission that US officials should not have prosecuted at all. They took three years from this woman’s life, not to mention the fact that they shouldered the American taxpayers’ stupid and ultimately failed extradition attempt.

What was Maine’s alleged crime? That she and her Huawei company violated US sanctions on Iran!

Yes, you got it right. The US government has imposed sanctions on Iran, which aim to make the Iranian people die and suffer, as a way to force their government officials to obey the dictates of US officials.

What does the US sanctions against Iran have to do with China? Or, to put it another way, why should China or any other country abide by the deadly sanctions that the US government has imposed on the Iranian people?

Exactly so!

But, according to American officials, every country in the world is obliged to obey any sanctions that the American empire decides to impose on foreigners. If a citizen of any country dares to violate such sanctions, he will be captured and detained for extradition to the United States to face trial for this heinous crime.

In his July 1821 Address to Congress, extolling America’s foundational foreign policy of non-intervention, John Quincy Adams said that if America ever abandons this fundamental foreign policy, the US government will begin to behave like a dictator of the world.

Maine’s prosecution in the United States is a perfect example of what Adams was talking about. The US empire expects everyone in the world to abide by its immoral and vicious sanctions policy, which, like terrorism, aims at the death and suffering of innocent people as a way to achieve a political goal.

US officials and the US mainstream press attach great importance to Maine’s plea deal, in which she admitted that her company violated US sanctions on Iran.

Big deal! Why should Huawei, Maine, or any other foreign person or entity be forced to submit to the vicious and immoral policies of the US government? And, indeed, why should any American citizen submit to the evil and immoral policies of his own government?

Immediately after Meng’s arrest by Canada, China arrested two Canadians and detained them while Meng’s extradition proceedings were pending. While China insisted that these arrests and imprisonments were not related to Meng’s arrest, once Meng was released, two Canadians were also released.

The US mainstream press condemns China’s “hostage diplomacy.” But in their unwavering dedication to the US national security state, they fail to understand that the root of the problem is the US government’s wicked and immoral sanctions system. Moreover, they fail to see how foreign interference and interventionism actually make American citizens less secure.

After all, China is a communist regime, a brutal communist regime. In China, there is no such thing as due process. If officials want to take someone into custody, torture and jail someone indefinitely, they can do so. The entire country is run on the same principles that the Pentagon and the CIA run their torture and prison center in Cuba.

So why should anyone be surprised when Chinese communists behave like communists? When a famous Chinese citizen is imprisoned by a foreign regime on ludicrous criminal charges, it is as obvious as a thunderbolt that China will do the same to that country’s citizens.

In fact, if Canada ended up sending Maine to the United States, then you can bet your last dollar that some American businessmen would be arrested in China on false charges and kept in jail as long as Maine is in prison. It’s just the way life works. This is a perfect example of how the American Empire, with its foreign interventionist policies, puts American travelers in an unsafe position.

After the collapse in Afghanistan and, now, indirectly admitting the wrongful prosecution of Meng Wanzhou, it is time for Americans to think seriously about US foreign policy. Is interventionism worth it? Do Americans really want to risk being imprisoned in foreign countries because US officials have imposed a worldwide ban on violation of sanctions against other countries? More importantly, should our government expose innocent people to death and suffering as a way to achieve a political goal?

I say: Let’s restore the fundamental system of non-intervention in our country. And let’s do it now, not later.

Author: Jacob G. HornbergerJacob Hornberger – Founder and President of The Future of Freedom Foundation. Born and raised in Laredo, Texas, he received a BA in Economics from the Virginia Military Institute and a law degree from the University of Texas. for twelve years was a trial attorney in Texas. He was also an adjunct professor at the University of Dallas, where he taught law and economics. In 1987 he left his legal practice to become the director of programs of the Foundation for Economic Education.

Translated by Sergei Dukhanov.

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