Feb 17, 2021
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The actress, who decided to become more beautiful, has died off the tip of the nose

the actress's nose is measured offChinese actress and singer Gao Liu was considered a rising star, but recently she has abruptly disappeared from fans’ sight.

the actress's nose is measured off

It turns out that the young woman decided to become even more beautiful and underwent plastic surgery. The procedure lasted 4 hours, but Gao Liu could not even imagine that these hours would be the beginning of a real nightmare.

the actress's nose tip is measured

After the operation, the heroine constantly felt a tingling sensation in her nose, but then everything became much worse – the skin on the tip of the nose began to darken, and necrosis occurred. The actress with the deceased tip of her nose spent 2 months in the hospital, having lost a lot of money on lost and canceled contracts. In addition, the damage is so extensive that Gao Liu will be able to start recovery operations in at least a year.

the actress's nose is measured off

It is known that the clinic where the actress suffered such harm received five administrative fines in 2020 alone, although the reasons for the penalties have not been clarified.

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