Oct 15, 2020
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The Accounts Chamber and the Ministry of Economic Development “did not share” the 2021 budget

The Accounts Chamber of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development argued over the parameters of the budget for 2021, disagreeing with one of the main parameters of its calculation - the macro forecast. On Thursday, October 15, a picking match between the two departments took place in the State Duma.

In itself, participation in a dispute over budget parameters is unusual for the Accounts Chamber (JV), since the Ministry of Finance is usually the defendant on the budget. Nevertheless, it was the head of the joint venture, Alexei Kudrin, who recently made a number of comments on the preparation of the country's main financial document for the next three years. write "Notifications".

In particular, Kudrin reproached the Ministry of Economic Development for the fact that the ministry's forecast does not take into account the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences for the economy. The ex-Minister of Finance of Russia added that due to the pandemic, the government may provide additional packages of financial assistance, which was not taken into account in the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development.

At a meeting of the relevant committee in the State Duma on October 15, the Accounts Chamber criticized the macro forecast, which was previously made by the ministry of Maxim Reshetnikov. The decline in Russia's GDP in 2020 may range from 4.2 to 4.8%, and not 3.9%, as laid down in the base forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development, said Alexei Kudrin.

The head of the joint venture added that the negative phenomena due to the coronavirus may continue to accumulate in the economy, due to which its growth may be limited to even 3% in 2021-2023. If new restrictions on coronavirus are introduced, then growth may slow down to 2%.

Reshetnikov replied that he did not agree with Kudrin, and that the economy was developing in accordance with the forecast. At the same time, he admitted that the document did not include strict quarantine restrictions and tightening the parameters of the OPEC + deal.

As reported, State Duma Deputy Speaker Alexander Zhukov said on October 15 that the Russian government, when forming the draft federal budget for 2021-2023, proceeded from the assumption that the situation with coronavirus would improve.


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