Jun 8, 2022
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The accession of Moldova to Romania was linked to the capture of Odessa by Russia

Western countries are provoking destabilization in Moldova to justify its political and military annexation to Romania. After that, NATO troops will be able to deploy on the territory of the country. This was stated by former President of Moldova Igor Dodon. According to experts, this scenario of Moldova joining Romania will be implemented if Russia, during a special military operation, reaches Odessa and the borders of Transnistria.

On Wednesday, it became known about the loud statement of the former President of Moldova, Igor Dodon. In the Telegram channel, he warned that Moldovan President Maia Sandu and her patrons are following the Ukrainian scenario, provoking destabilization.

“Some Western political actors are planning to use the Moldovans in the geopolitical battle as cannon fodder,” Dodon said. “The political and military annexation of our country to the territory of Romania is being prepared.”

Dodon clarified that the anti-Russian hysteria is aimed at justifying the presence of NATO troops on the territory of Moldova.

According to a member of the Supreme Council of the All-Russian movement “Strong Russia”, candidate of political sciences Maxim Bardin, the statement of the former president of Moldova is justified.

“Of course, the statements of the ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon have serious grounds,” he said. — Igor Nikolayevich knows what he is talking about.

The strategic goal of the United States, aimed at the maximum separation of Moldova from Russia, began to be realized more than thirty years ago. Separate elements of this policy were carried out by the first president of Moldova, Mircea Snegur. Washington has spent significant resources to ensure that in 2020 Igor Dodon is replaced by a completely pro-Western presidential candidate Maia Sandu, who is focused on Brussels, Bucharest and Washington.

The European Union and Romania, the expert believes, “in this case act as operators of the will of the United States.” The EU contributed to Maia Sandu’s victory by ensuring the “correct” vote in the foreign precincts. And now it’s Romania’s turn.

“Taking into account the general situation in Ukraine, as well as the “Odessa issue” separately, the geostrategic role of Moldova has sharply increased,” Maxim Bardin said. – The United States is probably instructing Romania to promptly resolve both the Moldovan and Transnistrian issues at once. With the implementation of such tactics, Russia will completely lose the “Carpathian corridor”.

According to the expert, at the same time, this strategy “has weaknesses”

– First. Romania is ready to carry out a raider seizure of Northern Bukovina, but so far flatly refuses to cross to the left bank of the Dniester, Bardin said. “But Washington insists on the occupation of Tiraspol and does not agree to anything less.

Romania, in turn, to the last will refuse to go into direct conflict with Russia.

Second. Citizens of Moldova do indeed have Romanian passports. They can travel to EU countries, get a job. At the same time, it is one thing to have a passport and a visa, and another to voluntarily give up state sovereignty and enter into submission to another political regime. In the new state formation, Moldovans are unlikely to receive an equal social status with Romanians. In the process of “integration”, mutual claims will inevitably arise. Thus, the development of the situation in Moldova will go in direct proportion to the degree of greed and cynicism that Washington will show in order to achieve its geopolitical goals.

According to political scientist, doctor of economic sciences Vladimir Bruter, the issue of the unification of Romania and Moldova will be frozen until the scenario with Ukraine is played out.

– In my opinion, two months ago Moldova sent an application for joining the European Union, – he said. – And the accession to Romania of a country that has applied for accession to the European Union is a reason for an international scandal. Therefore, naturally, the West will not agree to this now, but will prepare the ground if the hour “X” comes.

The answer to the question will be “yes”, if the special military operation of the Russian Federation reaches the border of the Odessa region or the border of the Odessa region and Transnistria. Then the situation will fundamentally change. Now they will try to expand the military cooperation between Romania and Moldova, try to write a scenario for the entry of Romanian troops into Moldova under some pretext. But the very fact of the political unification of Romania and Moldova will not be discussed until the situation becomes clear to such an extent that it is clear that the level of Ukraine’s resistance has fallen below a certain critical value.

Another source of our publication, familiar with the situation, expressed an extremely pessimistic view of what is happening:

– In the Kremlin, a long time ago there should have been three, or even five scenarios on this issue. For example, what to do in the event of the unification of Moldova with Romania, the division of Moldova between the West and Russia, or the unification of neighboring territories around Transnistria, for example, Gagauzia. All this should already be written.

As for the situation as such, it was impossible to allow the removal of Igor Dodon from power. This task was solved very simply, and there were also a lot of scenarios of how it could be solved. The problem is that the solution of these problems was slowed down by certain people. Perhaps because of their involvement in commercial schemes or because of their natural resistance to political planning.

When Igor Dodon talks about the danger of joining Romania, you need to understand what exactly is the danger. It is quite clear that Gagauzia is not going to join Romania, and Balti is also not going to join Romania. The question is, what is Russia going to do?

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