Jan 13, 2022
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The 4-year-old daughter of Agnia Ditkovskite was first shown by her grandmother, Tatyana Lyutaeva


Actress Agniya Ditkovskite hides her second child, daughter Nika. The girl was shown only by her grandmother Tatyana Lyutaeva, with whom she is resting in hot places.

For a long time, Ditkovskite hid her daughter. The girl’s grandmother, actress Tatyana Lyutaeva, was the first to show little Nika. The star decided to go on vacation to the sea. The artist took her granddaughter with her. The eldest child of Agnia Ditkovskite, son Fedor, spends time with his dad. And the star mother herself focused all her attention on the baby, who was born in November 2021.

Tatyana Lyutaeva with her granddaughter Nika
Tatyana Lyutaeva with her granddaughter Nika

By the way, Tatyana Lyutaeva flew away on vacation with her friend Ekaterina Klimova. Klimova took her youngest daughter Bella with her on vacation. 4-year-old Nika and 6-year-old Bella have fun together.

Daughter of Agnia Ditkovskite Nika and Bella Meskhi
Daughter of Agnia Ditkovskite – Nika and Bella Meskhi

Looking at the pictures of the Midshipmen star and her granddaughter, it becomes obvious that the little girl inherited the beauty of her mother and grandmother. Four-year-old Niki has black almond-shaped eyes and long curly hair.

Daughter of Agnia Ditkovskite-Nika
Daughter of Agnia Ditkovskite – Nika

Recall that Agniya Ditkovskite was married to artist Alexei Chadov. In marriage, they had a son. Now Fedor is 7 years old. Former spouses have maintained a good relationship and are raising a baby together.

Agniya Ditkovskite is also raising a daughter. The girl was born in April 2017. The actress does not say anything about the father of the child. And the star mom prefers not to show Nick on social networks. The celebrity does not have a single photo with her daughter on Instagram.

On November 3, 2021, the actress became a mother for the third time. Agniya Ditkovskite gave an heir to her husband, businessman Bogdan Panchenko. The celebrity does not disclose the sex of the child. The star does not like to advertise family life.

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